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Comment Re:Has the short lived ban been consequential at a (Score 2) 79

That's standard for Americans. There's the general security check for all passengers done first. Then for those flying to America there is a second check because we have added additional checks because they don't trust foreign airports to be as diligent as their minimum wage TSA agents.

Comment Re:Has the short lived ban been consequential at a (Score 1) 79

It certainly affected the life of people who's family and friends were banned from visiting, or those residents who were delayed being allowed to come back to their homes, business trips to and from the US were canceled, and so forth. Yes, big changes to life in the US for some people.

Comment Re: What? Why? (Score 1) 154

He's been doing idiotic tweets for as long as Twitter existed. Trump is not a deep person, he doesn't have a subtle bone in his body, and he's certainly not following a secret long term strategy. Occam's Razor applies here and the the simplest solution is that he's exactly what he appears to be: shallow and ego driven. The inscrutable tweet at 3am is merely an impulse he has after listening to some conspiracy oriented radio show. The tweets are stream of consciousness ramblings. He has so many contradictions in what he says over time because he's making it all up on the fly, and not because he knows what he's doing.

Comment Re: What? Why? (Score 1) 154

Good question. I think there is a much bigger base than people thought who are just opposed to it all. Where "it" means everything, but especially anything to do with politics. They have been flipping their finger at the world for a long time, and now that there's a leader of the flip-the-finger movement they vote for him. They're anti-elite but at the same time for this guy who's the biggest elitist of them all. But Trump manages to give the impression of not being elite, they see him as not smart with elitist education but smart with down home gut feelings. They see his real estate money as a result of being smart and nothing at all to do with being lucky. But maybe more than all that, Trump says what they want to hear - that country's problem is with everyone else except his backers, especially politicians and immigrants.

When people push back against Trump it only reinforces the base. They see the elite being the ones pushing against Trump, or immigrant lovers, etc. The more that people rally against Trump the more it convinces his backers that Trump must be doing something right.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 5, Insightful) 193

Be careful that when you try to read opposing viewpoints that you're not reading crazy conspiracy theories. Fox is so overtly biased and with editorials masquerading as news stories, that you can't take all of it seriously and you have to sift through it very carefully. You don't balance a slight liberal bent with an overt conservative approach that is constantly on the attack. You cannot put Fox as an equal balance to the BBC for example. But Fox is sane here compared to the wackos like Breitbart or Infowars or World Net Daily.

Sure, listen to different views, but do not give them all equal weight! It is very useful to know what some of the extremist views are, and useful to know if those views are gaining popularity, but you should not treat those views as part of the balance with the truth residing at the average of it all.

A good viewpoint to get is from foreign or international sources. BBC, AFP, Al Jazeera, The Economist, etc.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 3, Insightful) 193

No. A rational person would cut out the Breitbart and Infowars for sure. They're known to be full of fake news, sensationalism, and an overt bias that is flaunted. A rational person would seek out news sources that attempt to play fair, be honest, be accurate, and make a good faith attempt to reduce bias.

Yes, a reporter who parrots whatever random gossip that is overheard will sometimes be right. That does not mean the reporter has special insights and should be followed. Did Alex Jones actualy investigate this story, or just repeat it? When 99% is provably crap then you'd better be sure that 1% is a diamond before you go fishing it out with your fingers.

Comment Re:Make it work both ways (Score 1) 125

Too often these are boilerplate agreements, and the legal department just isn't set up to handle exceptions. I know someone that had a dispute with his contract and got some changes made and approved. Later on it surprised the newer legal department that it wasn't standard, and it seemed to put them into an impasse on what to do (follow the contract, or follow the procedures).

With someone else I know they wanted to move all contractors to a temp agency to simplify things. He disagreed with the new temp agency contract, which had a clause that assigned patents to the temp agency(!). When pointed out how absurd it was, that the temp agency would get the patent and not the main company, the legal department kept saying "it's a standard contract". Eventually someone more senior in legal looked at it and agreed it was a stupid clause but then it all got stuck in the muck of trying to change a boilerplate contract. Even the VP of engineering couldn't get things to budge, so my friend just left after awhile as he had other contracts.

Comment Re:Just Say No (Score 1) 125

In most states, such overly broad agreements won't hold up. They have to be related to actually competing against the prior company by using trade secrets or confidential information, not just using the same basic skills that any company uses. My guess is that since most people won't bother to expend the resources to take it to the courts, that companies just do this as a boilerplate agreement.

As for severance packages, you almost never get agreements on those in advance. The sole point of any severance package is that they're paying you to not sue them for unlawful termination. I've never heard of this being a part of an employment agreement to anyone below a C-level.

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