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Comment Re:The Plan. (Score 1) 261

Economically you need to do this at scale. Ie, have utilities do this, not individual homes. But solar is focusing on homes right now. And indeed storage is one of those issues involved.

When my grandfather set up his ranch in the hills, he had no electricity at the start. So he had to make his own with a generator when it was needed, and that could be expensive and inconvenient. When the power lines ran to his house things improved and were cheaper. Today solar is a bit similar. Having each homeowner be responsible for their own solar is inefficient. It's used mostly to augment existing electricity from the grid.

Comment Re:The Plan. (Score 1) 261

And you augment this with energy storage. Which on a large scale will make commercial wind and solar farms more reliable. Right now I think the reason solar is big on homes and not very big commercially, is because of the storage problems. Solar is great for the extra energy boost on a home when the air-conditioner is running, it's moderate to good for providing extra daytime power to the grid (enough so that utilities don't want to buy that power anymore), and it's bad to moderate on cost (everyone buy individually.

Ultimately we need to be trying all these things, any sort of renewable energy is going to be a long term win, whereas coal, gas, and petroleum are on their way out.

We also have hydro and nuclear, and both have their problems. Hydro is nice when combined with water storage in California, but it has a large environmental impact. Nuclear is potentially very clean as far as emissions, but people still don't know what to do with the waste except to find a state that wants the money and bury it all underground, it has a very high cost of operation. Geothermal is too localized.

Every energy source however still needs a lot of research. It would be great if the US was still in the forefront of science.

Comment Re:The Plan. (Score 1) 261

And economically, if you look at the long run, petroleum will come to an end. Sure, it screws up the short term profits which is why this issue has become a political one instead of merely economic. But think back, we nearly caused many whale species to become extinct because of reliance on whale oil before we switched to petroleum. Do we really need to get those oil wells as dry as a bone before we switch to something else?

Granted, there are a lot of other things not great about biodiesel at the moment. But in terms of economics we do need to find an alternative to non-renewable energy and fuels.

Comment Re:actually pinching nose? (Score 1) 179

You still haven't read about this case. McDonald's had been warned several times about the danger and they ignored it. Their coffee was served much hotter than other places. Most coffee will not cause severe enough damage from an accidental spill to require skin grafts.

You need to find another example for an "all lawsuits are stupid" campaign.

Comment Re:EDM? Maybe 15 years ago (Score 1) 477

However I did notice within the last decade that there are more complex pieces out there, which surprised me. Complex melodies, interleaving melodic lines, interesting harmonies, needing real musical training to play. Granted, this could all just be from someone with etensive musical experience writing songs for kids to perform...

Comment Re:No shit Sherlock! (Score 2) 113

Generally, the city pays for the infrastructure but outsources the operation. Yea, so it'll be as awful as the outsourced garbage, the outsourced water, the outsourced electricity, and the gawdawful city provided monopoly to the cable company.

Seriously, you'd get better customer service with a backalley unlicensed visectomy than by calling up a cable company. If that's the service level you're comparing the city too, that's a pretty low bar.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 170

But precious milliseconds! This will help since the pages are taking many seconds to load already, what with all the javascript sucking up my cpu, and the slow as hell response the back office servers are providing at the moment.

Comment Re: Morons (Score 2) 357

Unemployment is a statistic to beware of. The US and many other countries do not include people who are not actively looking for work in their unemployment numbers. It also does not include people who are underemployed (engineers who are bagging groceries for example). Right now the economy in the US sucks, and you can see this with the increased number of homeless people and workers who have stagnant wages or who do not feel that their jobs are secure. And yet the official figures show that the US economy is going great, which is opposite of what the person on the street says.

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