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Comment Ahh memories (Score 1) 472

I currently volunteer at a student based non-profit shop that mostly sells computers and computer parts. 21 years ago, we started as a shop selling pretty nothing but old 5.25" floppies and we made tons of money doing it. We even had a rivalry with another non-profit shop who could sell the things at the lowest price so we had volunteers doing 400km drives just to get floppies at a lower price than the competition.

At the moment, parts are crazy-ass cheap and webshops drive down the margin to nearly zero. Making money was a lot easier back then and PCs costed small fortunes $2000 was normal.

Nowadays, we still have some tangible memories left: some old 5.25" floppies and a copy of MS-DOS 4.0 still in the original box.

We also have an unsold copy of Windows Vista. We decided to add that one to the collection too.

Comment Re:Yea (Score 2, Interesting) 496

"Bipeds are much slower, tire much easier,"

While the first statement is true, the second is most certainly false. Bipeds actually have a more efficient way of walking(and running) which allows us to run greater distances than quadrupeds.

In fact, some tribes in Africa use this advantage in their huntings methods. They simply run after a prey(I believe they favour fleeing prey to fighting prey) and chase them until the prey tires and then they strike when it is exhausted.

This meager Wikipedia article has some information about this fenomenon:

Comment Re:Tivoization (Score 4, Informative) 584

What with all the other tablets coming out that let me install whatever the hell I want on them

Not necessarily. The mention of "ARM-powered entertainment tablets" makes me think some of these tablets will be locked up like a TiVo DVR: running a GPLv2 Linux kernel digitally signed by the manufacturer and GPLv2 apps digitally signed by the manufacturer. The compliance and robustness requirements of the digital restrictions management systems used by the publishers of non-free works on "entertainment tablets" might prohibit any environment that isn't suitably Tivoized so that someone can't just tee(1) the cleartext of a non-free work to a file. -- There have been ARM-powered tablets on the market for quite awhile now, and they don't have the limitations you mention... Unlike the iPad, this one not only supports tethering to cell phones, it even steps you through BT pairing and configuring the DUN connection during the out-of-box setup wizard. You can also dual-boot different operating systems (Android, Ubuntu, Mer, etc.) stored internally or on removable SD cards. Not bad for something that costs less than half the price of the iPad. There are surely better ones available if one were to look around.

Comment The guy's right (Score -1, Troll) 409

I expect all Slashdot verbally abusing this guy for being a neocon and an enemy of freedom and a paranoid lunatic but the fact is this guy actually got threatened. This means that somebody has tried to intimidate him and state that he will hurt him/his family. Since no biker gangs have done this but a gamer did(you can never tell how dangerous these people are) he is absolutely right that gamers are scarier to him than biker gangs.

Then comes the internet and blows this totally out proportion and saying that this guy thinks that gamers are generally more dangerous than bikers in order to discredit him. I find that incredibly lame and it reeks of an attack campaign against the Australian Attorney General.

Good job loser(s), you just ruined your credibility. In the meantime this guy has got some arrows on his bow to fire at gamers. Congratulations again, you just helped your opponent by giving him media attention.

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