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Comment Re:it really is becoming ridiculous. (Score 1) 292

Do I feel lucky? The smart ass in me, or maybe it's just age... would want to retort, with "Well do you?" I'd feel as if it was fortuitous that we both met in this situation. Out of the whole world, what are the odds.

Smart ass interview questions used to just confuse me, now they irritate me. Next time I get one I may just be honest about it.


Comment Re:Too Little Too Late (Score 1) 166

Actually with the 2.0 patch that came out a few weeks back the overall DII feel has become much better. Drops are more reasonable, not being dependent on having 3 Billion gold to buy items off the AH is a plus.

I won't say it made it a whole new game, but it freshened it up enough for me to want to play through again with a new toon.

Comment Re:Roomba sucks (but not in the way I paid for) (Score 1) 88

Same here. Have the Pet one for the basement/rec-room/man-cave/whatever. Runs twice a week. Only issues I've had are when he wonders into the laundry room or closet and can't get back out. Some times he may try to crawl under the couch and get stuck, or if my 5 year old leaves some toys out he may try to pull them in.

Over all, great investment for me. Keeps the cat/dog hair in check. And I don't have to lug the big vacuum downstairs and go through that hassle.. I like him.

He does need maintenance once in a while, but that's more fun than vacuuming.

Comment Re:And brittanica did not see the threat (Score 2) 288

. Encyclopedias are what you read when you don't really care all that much about the subject.

Thinking about this...you are correct. If you want real in debt knowledge go to the sources. If you want a basic understanding, but not be inundated in the details Encyclopedias do that.

I remember grabbing a World-Book Encyclopedia whenever I needed quick bathroom reading. For a pre-teen/teenager it was perfect. I got a lot of real basic info about interesting subjects. But other than for a grade-school writing assignment, they were just dead trees. I think we got the update books up till 1980...so talk about outdated info.

Encarta was like a breath of fresh air. except you couldn't lug your PC into the restroom to read it.

Now...hell, smartphone+wikipedia and I'm set for life.

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