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Comment Value to them vs value to you (Score 1) 412

For the quantitative aspect of the situation, you should examine their offer and try to figure out how they came to this figure. What is it in your company that can make them money? What synergies would you provide them? Do they have a solid marketing team to sell your product? What can they do that you can't, and what can you do that they can't? That way you'll have an idea if their offer is reasonable.

Now, let's reverse the question. How do you value your own company? Do you have the resources and know-how to make it into a $5M company? $100M? You've worked hard up to this point, but this is in the past now. Are you confident enough that you'll be able to get to a point where you actually make good profit?

Now the important point is that if they value your company higher than you do, you should sell. Period. The fact that they are offering something for your company is no guarantee that you'll be able to make nearly as much on your own. They might be willing to give you a lot because you're worth a lot to them. You might not be worth so much without outside help.

As you mentionned, money is but one factor in your decision. Still I hope this helps a little...

Comment Re:Crossplatform (Score 1) 129

I see what you mean in that the same games as on the other 2 won't be released on the Wii because the hardware just can't handle it. This is fine.

However this really should not be a problem in itself for the Wii. In other industries suppliers usually adapt to the major market players even when they need to design more basic products. Take the Korean car manufacturers for example. We don't see them having shortages of features like gas tanks or cup holders because Toyota, Honda and Renault have higher quality requirements than they do. Why is this such an issue in the console market? Why can't the software designers make custom software for the Wii when they know they'd have a good chance of selling millions of copies?

Comment Re:Crossplatform (Score 1) 129

Can't keep up in what respect? Graphical power? That's definitely not the main factor anymore in the success of games.

The Wii has been outpacing the competition in console sales, which should be enough for third party software makers. They're not in business to make the most powerful games, they're in this business to sell games and the Wii would allow them to do just that.


Submission + - iPhones Produced in China Smuggled Right Back in

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "Factories in China produce iPhones that are exported to the United States and Europe and then smuggled right back in helping explain why Apple says it sold about 3.7 million iPhones last year while only 2.3 million are actually registered in the United States and Europe. For Apple, the booming overseas market for iPhones is a sign of its marketing prowess but also a blow to Apple's business model, costing the company as much as $1 billion over the next three years, according to some analysts. Since negotiations between Apple and China Mobile, the world's biggest mobile-phone service operator with more than 350 million subscribers, broke down last month, the official release of the iPhone in China has been stalled producing a thriving gray market. Copycat models are another possible threat to Apple in China. Not long after the iPhone was released, research and development teams in China were taking it apart, trying to copy or steal the design and software for use in iPhone knockoffs, or iClones and some people who have used the clones say they are sophisticated and have many functions that mimic the iPhone. "A lot of people here want to get an iPhone," says Shanghai lawyer Conlyn Chan."

Submission + - How Hi-Def Will Transform Spectacles

Hugh Pickens writes: "Kevin Kelly has an interesting post on his blog about attending the New York Metropolitan Opera while he was in California under the Met's new program of broadcasting their current opera live to HD digital projection movie theaters around the country. "I could easily follow along with the subtitles.," says Kelly adding that "you get the best seat in the house. You are close enough (via the camera) to see the actor's faces, and in between scenes to go backstage and witness the elaborate mechanics of stage-craft." The series is enjoying box office success, reaching an estimated audience of more than 325,000 viewers. "Like football, watching in HD is far better than being at the game itself. The Met HD Live gives a hint of how great hi-def media will transform spectacles.""

Submission + - SPAM: Not your father's hot rod: $140,000 Hot Wheels car

coondoggie writes: "If you are any thing like me you had tons of Hot Wheels cars when you were a kid, some were nicer (and faster!) than others but I know you never had anything like this: a $140,000, 23 carat, diamond jeweled 1:64 scale hot rod. The car is cast in 18-karat white gold with the majority of the vehicle detailed with micro pave-set brilliant blue diamonds, mimicking the Hot Wheels Spectraflame blue paint, the company said in a release. Under the functional hood, the engine features white and black diamonds, the company said. [spam URL stripped]"
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