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Comment Re:whoa! (Score 1) 332

No. Two easy payments of 33.33 and one HARD payment.

It's gotta be a royal pain-in-the-ass kind of payment being on hold for 4 hours only to have the rep you were talking to realize he wasn't even looking at the right account, and promptly hang up on you.

Comment Unthinkable Innovations... (Score 2) 249

I'm sure these 'unthinkable innovations' will include such wonders as...
  • Printed, movable type! Quick, hide that lest the serfs see it...
  • Embedded images
  • Hyperlinking!
  • Moving pictures, aka animation!
  • [insert other web 0.1 technology here...]

It seems like marketing speak for 'We found out that newspapers aren't making money anymore. Let's hop on this new bandwagon!'

Comment Re:Horses are gone. (Score 2) 121

I paid big $$ for a corporate account, just so that I could have my tethering, unlimited data and be able to use it to upload live MP3 audio streams for my business. (Internet radio station focused on live, local artists at their events with original content. Shameless plug: radio [although we're not broadcasting right now.])

Comment Re:How about at the Alaska pipeline? (Score 2) 147

Well I would assume that would be an obvious constraint (if not completely documented in your contract) when signing with such a company.

I hate it when people take an interesting idea and point out the few edge cases where it won't work. It's obviously not a conventional datacenter, and I would likely think that the bean counters would have figured in the cost of the premium salaries and determined if the ratio of what they're saving on cooling costs would work, well before the plan even got put into motion.

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