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Comment Re:Except fo Course... (Score 1) 292


Which for the film industry would be fine as long as the cost is appropriate.

I really have no objection to the DRM on something I've paid a rental price for, which these days is moviesPerMonth/$9 which is my Netflix rental fee.
I've bought ~2 movies in the last 3 years with gift cards, and recieved 2 movies as gifts during the same time period.
I watch about that number of movies per month now with Netflix either by DVD or streaming.
If their methods increase what I can watch at the cost point (or near that cost point), I'd be fine.
If they think I'd pay $19.95 for something with those restrictions, they're further along the crazy path then I thought.

Comment Re:That is positively asinine. (Score 3, Insightful) 285

The hotel staff who told the vendors who did not have floor space, that here were no restrictions probably did not know the hotels had a contractual agreement with CES, specifically not to allow suites to be used by vendors who did not have floor space.

this should have been in any terms agreed to for renting the room, and would need to be done ahead of time. What if someone was showing product in their room that had nothing to do with CES? Also CES should have described this as a condition for attending the show (likely the vendors at least had tickets to go in so they could corral people back to their room).

This is more akin to pirating someones' signal and replacing their content with your own.

Not really, the 'other signal' was still there, its just the 'listener' now has more choice. I would liken it more to passing out CD's to people at a concert and/or near a concert for similar (but original) music.

In these cases, nothing the vendors did was illegal (nor CEA), the hotels had to breach their contracts (CEA contract and contract to rent the room to the vendor) and choose to breach the one that had less money at stake.

next year the vendors should hang the Do Not Disturb sign. Not that I'd want anyone I wasn't watching in the room with prototypes and potential business secrets in their anyways.

Comment Re:First post! (Score 1) 95

This is exactly what I've been thinking about.
The best use case for twitter to me really sounded like machine updates. Mostly because its the only application that seemed sustainable.
A person twittering sounds great and all, until that person suddenly is too busy to update and then its worthless to any followers.
Following a machine, or maybe an organization seemed much more on target.

Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 1) 418

You forgot to mention the one other big reason to buy digitally.
You buy the piece you want. Sure buying all the songs at once (possibly on a CD even) is cheaper then buying one at a time.
iTunes, Amazon, Lala, all let you do this just like the store does.
The real value add for digitial distribution is in not paying $10 for an album of which you only want 2 songs. Instead you can pay $2 for the exact ones you want. You don't have that option with CDs in a store, at least not economically. Last I checked 'singles' (if they still make them) were about half the cost of the full album.

Comment Re:Threats are threats (Score 1) 806

First, this was one incident. Columbine and Virginia Tech had multiple incidents of expression.
Also, there are more choices then 'blow it off' and 'frisk and ban student'.
There's a whole bunch from sending a counselor to asking friends to cheer her up. If anyone had expressed any genuine concern to the students in the cases you mentioned, they might have found a method to vent with a smaller body count.

Comment Re:I think the question is... (Score 1) 806

I was thinking along the same lines.
What if she was venting to a friend at lunch and someone overheard her. Would they still have banned her?
I see the reason for someone to investigate it, but people need to express their feelings and frustrations in some way. Maybe a public place wasn't the best choice of forum, but I doubt her bottling it up until she really snapped would be a good idea either.
Also, I'm guessing the 'certain someone' would be her boyfriend so why would the professors be 'threatened'...
unless each one thought they had been her boyfriend...?

Comment Re:"Copyright theft" and *Identity theft" (Score 1) 168

someone is actively out there claiming to be someone else while that someone else is thereafter doubted as to who he is. Not sure that actually happens though

But this is exactly what happens. someone out there claims to be you and applies for credit in your name. That person may or may not continue to pose as you in getting more credit or when showing ID for the credit he has in your name. Even if the person stops claiming to be you, the damage is done to your name.

Just because the person isn't actively 'being you' every day doesn't negate the fact that for a brief moment they did act like you.
That's like saying if I stole a car, drove far away, and then ditched the car that I didn't really steal the car because I didn't keep it.

I do agree with everything you said about the banks and shop keepers.

Comment Re:What bankers? (Score 4, Insightful) 168

I agree there is plenty of blame to go around
However, you seem to think that all people fit into one of those categories.

What you've missed is that there are 'little guys' who didn't take out a loan they couldn't afford, and didn't make a loan to some high risk person.
But these 'little guys' are getting screwed because of each of the parties you mentioned. Some of them have been laid off, some have seen their investments brutalized, some are now stuck in their house because their once 80 LTV is now 105 LTV.
These are a larger percentage of those complaining
Not to mention the same 'evil bankers' that made the loans also pushed to get regulations relaxed, which makes them somewhat more responsible as without their reckless behavior this mess

Now these 'little guys' find out their tax dollars are going to the same companies that got us into the mess while these companies also are basically getting free money to make new loans and start back with business as usual.

At least that's what I complain about and I'm one of those 'little guys'

Comment Re:I don't see any difference between software... (Score 1) 123

Regarding 1:
who gets sued when a design flaw is found, or a component referenced in the design doesn't hold up over the lifetime and a person dies. I don't have a feeling for how much OSS software is currently in that situation, but both would fall under this same issue, but it is something that hasn't really been explored. Is the project creator, the manufacturer, the guy who made a tweak that was accepted to the project the one at fault?

Regarding 2:
Cost - the issue is in production (not development). In the software world distribution is relatively cheap, especially at low volumes of sale. For hardware it is quite the opposite. A company with more money can support a large quantity order, driving down the suppliers price for everything from components to final assembly. A small team or individual is then going to be at a disadvantage because they will generally not have the resources (or connections) to make that happen.

Comment Re:Back in the days that Craigslist was useful... (Score 1) 164

About 50% of the craigslist ads I've responded to were from the same scammer, who tried to get me to paypal them "because they were out of town".

Interesting. My experience trying to sell anything over $20 has had just about the same problem ("I'll pay you 20% extra, oh and I need you to send it to me in another country).

I really think creating an API for viewing posts in different ways would really help Craigslist. They could keep the posting method the same which both protects their market (you still have to go to Craigslist to post) but allows someone else to do the work on trying new search features, data organization, etc.If they are concerned at preserving small communities, they leave contacting the poster out of the API or require a redirection to the actual post.

Since Craigslist doesn't make any money on completed transactions, their business model should be totally preserved.

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