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Comment Re:Sir, step away from the wall jack ... (Score 1) 635

  • The copper is not worth that much.

I definitely wasn't thinking of ripping the lines out, it's more of making use of them since they're already in the walls.

  • The jacks are probably daisy-chained together. A PBX (what we have in our house) normally requires home-runs from each jack, so that isn't going to work for you.
  • /ul>

From what I can tell, they are not daisy-chained together, it looks like they ran a separate 4 conductor line from a terminal strip in the basement to each room

  • There are charging cradles that will allow you to use your cell phone to supply dialtone to your TwenCen phones. That way you don't have to run all over the house looking for the cellphone.

This sounds like a good possibility...

  • If you ever sell your house, the new owner may say WTF?

Good point, although we're hoping to stay here!


Submission + - You've Dropped Your Landline, Now What?

smurphmeister writes: My wife and I recently moved up to the world of cell phones, after taking our sweet time to make sure this whole newfangled technology was going to stick around. We moved the old landline phone number to her phone, so we're disconnected from the pole. Now the question is, what to do with the copper already in our house?

My first thought was an intercom system, but that just seems so old school! So what ideas do you all have for what to do with the 4 little wires running to every room of my house?

Obama's "ZuneGate" 608

theodp writes "Barack Obama supporters were left shaking their heads after a report surfaced that the president-elect was using a Zune at the gym instead of an iPod. So why would Mac-user Obama be Zune-ing out? Could be one of those special-edition preloaded Zunes that Microsoft bestowed on Democratic National Convention attendees, suggests TechFlash, nixing the idea that the soon-to-be Leader of the Free World would waste time loading Parallels or Boot Camp in OS X just to use a Zune."

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