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Comment Re:Does that mean... (Score 1) 403

As I stated in another post on another thread (or maybe this one, who knows), "i4i" would be pronounced "Eye for Eye", as in "an eye for an eye".

It could be that the patent troll, in this case, is a group that acquired a few patents so they could stick it to Microsoft for the whole "FAT/NTFS" thing, or whatever. Microsoft's certainly got a lot of patent property and has used it to scare the bejeezus out of a lot of people in Penguinland.

Maybe "i4i" will suddenly announce a cross-licensing settlement with Microsoft where everyone (Microsoft included!) gets XML formats as long as everyone gets FAT, NTFS, and a few other Microsoft properties free for use.

So, yeah, that crack pipe's got some pretty good stuff, man, thanks for sharing. Whoo boy.



Why "Vista" Nick White Left Microsoft 130

An anonymous reader writes "Earlier this week Nick White, Product Manager for Windows Vista and blogger at WindowsVistaBlog, announced that he was leaving Microsoft. previously interviewed Nick about what SP1 for Vista was all about, so they sat down with him yesterday to get the details behind his departure, his proudest moments at Microsoft, a few regrettable moments, and more."

OpenSSH Releases Version 5.0 41

os2man lets us know that OpenSSH version 5.0 has been released. The mirrors are linked from the top page. "OpenSSH (OpenBSD Secure Shell) is a set of computer programs providing encrypted communication sessions over a computer network using the ssh protocol. It was created as an open source alternative to the proprietary Secure Shell software suite offered by SSH Communications Security. OpenSSH is available for almost any Operating System."

How Microsoft Plans To Get Its Groove Back With Win7 612

shawnz tips a blog post up at thebetaguy that details Windows 7's huge departure from the past, and the bold strategy Microsoft will be employing to maintain backward compatibility. Hint: Apple did it seven years back. There are interesting anti-trust implications too. "Windows 7 takes a different approach to the componentization and backwards compatibility issues; in short, it doesn't think about them at all. Windows 7 will be a from-the-ground-up packaging of the Windows codebase; partially source, but not binary compatible with previous versions of Windows."

Net Neutrality Debate Intensifies In Canada 163

MrShaggy tips us to news that the debate over Net Neutrality in Canada is coming to the forefront following the recent discovery that Bell Canada was throttling P2P traffic on the access it had sold to wholesalers. Michael Geist's blog notes a video recording of comments from a member of the Canadian government, as well as coverage from Canadian media. From Ars Technica: "The Canadian government has in the past pushed the CRTC to deregulate the telecom industry, an approach still backed by Minister of Industry Jim Prentice. Prentice also wants to stay out of the current net neutrality debate, which would seem to be a de facto vote against the idea. He was asked in the House of Commons this week whether his government would do anything about the current Bell/Rogers traffic-shaping controversy. According to the Globe & Mail, Prentice said only that "we will continue to leave the matter between consumers on the one hand and Internet service providers on the other."

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