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Comment Re:It's very possible (Score 1, Insightful) 526

This is also why they eat Cheetos: It is cheaper than steak. And dwelling in your parents' basement is cheaper than having your own apartment. And being a virgin is cheaper than a girlfriend. All in all, quite cheap individuals. Pirating Android apps is just icing on the cake.

But you seem to lack knowledge about iPads. The number of Android tablets that can be called "better" is minimal at best.

Comment Re:Richard Muller (Score 1) 518

They are not uneducated, they are just largely educated as lawyers.

Now, that is interesting, because there are rules against giving legal advice without having a license, typically associated with said profession.

I wonder if we could enact rules for science as well, where you could not give scientific "advice" (like parroting long-debunked denier myths) without a scientific background, and see how these politicians like it.

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