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Submission + - Virgin Media censors talk of "bufferbloat" on their discussion forums (

mtaht writes: Given that bufferbloat is now fixed by fq_codel and the sqm-scripts for anyone that cares to install openwrt and derivatives on their home routers (or use any random linux box for the job), AND standardization efforts for the relevant algorithms near completion in the IETF, I went and posted a short, helpful message about how to fix it on a bufferbloat-related thread on Virgin Media's cable modems... And they deleted the post, and banned my IP... for "advertising". I know I could post again via another IP, and try to get them to correct their mistake, but it is WAY more fun to try to annoy them into more publically acknowledging their enormous bufferbloat problems and to release a schedule for their fixes. Naturally I figured the members of slashdot could help out Virgin and their customers understand their bufferbloat problems better. My explanations of how they can fix their bufferbloat, are now, here.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 5, Insightful) 252

You're missing the point of ReactOS. It's like Wine, except actually an OS. If one day Windows bites the dust you can have this project for any legacy code, if you really needed to run something, and it could be patched and maintained forever. To be fair, yes this is a hobby OS, but to say that with disdain diminishes the value of a hobby.

Comment Re:That's a whole... (Score 4, Interesting) 395

There was news that the new console will be able to sell your used games on the Xbox One.

I think the reason is Microsoft just wants to kill the secondhand market and gamestop and take money for themselves. I bet it's gonna be revealed and clarified that you can sell your license to the game on their marketplace and you earn a certain percentage (if they were nice it would be high like at least 70% but who knows) and you can only put that money back into the Xbox marketplace for a new game or whatever.

To stay on topic, I bet this is why it requires always online, license checking. If you sell your game but never go back online then you can have your cake and eat it too.

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