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Comment Re:Except (Score 1) 249

Still, it is a single query. Example, see " // ONLY ONE QUERY!!!!" below:

public User login(String userName, String passwd)
                        throws LoginException {
                if (userName != null) {
                        userName = userName.trim();
                if (userName == null || passwd == null || userName.length() 1
                                || passwd.length() 4) {
                        throw new LoginException("No such user/passwd found");

                Session hsession = HibernateUtil.currentSession();
                Query query = hsession.createQuery("from User where userName=:userName");
                query.setString("userName", userName);
                User user = (User) query.uniqueResult(); // ONLY ONE QUERY!!!!
                if (user == null) {
                        throw new LoginException("No such user/passwd found");
                passwd = HashUtil.get(user.getSalt(), passwd);
                long userStatus = UserConstants.USER_STATUS_WAITING_FOR_EMAIL_CONFIRM
                                + UserConstants.USER_STATUS_WAITING_FOR_PASSWORD_RESET
                                + UserConstants.USER_STATUS_DISABLED
                                + UserConstants.USER_STATUS_QUARANTINE;
                if (user.getPassword() == null || !user.getPassword().equals(passwd)
                                || (user.getStatus() & userStatus) != 0) {
                        throw new LoginException("No such user/passwd found");
                } else {
                        user.setLastLoginDate(new Date());
                        return user;

Comment Re:A lack of imagination? (Score 2) 285

The radiation problem is not related to zero-G. No amount of gravity, simulated or otherwise, is going to solve that.

Are you sure about that? Gravity from a black hole will eat any radiation. So, problem solved! Just carry a black hole with the ship...

Comment Re:The fact that Zero Days in the Home are a thing (Score 1) 39

No, no, it is a very good technology when you know what you are doing. Contact me offline for further requests,
I run an hyper-Z omega secretive cloud that will take care of all your security needs, 100% hacker proof, guaranteed! We are also fully compatible with all the Apple apps!

Comment Re:Reported in October (Score 1) 39

Apple have never really taken security seriously...

I am not trying to defend apple here since there is no excuse but seriously, very few people take security seriously nowadays even where one would expect people in charge of a given organization to do so.

I remember a default value for an organization field being "not_organized" somewhere, I think it was in certificate requests but I am not sure ;-)

In a technologically advanced society, maybe IT security topic knowledge should be made mandatory before going to high school.

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