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Comment Re:continuous delivery == constant change (Score 2) 78

Any professional outfit will test a new release (in-house or commercial product) thoroughly before letting it get anywhere close to an environment where their business is at stake. This process can take anywhere from a day or two to several months, depending on the complexity of the operation, the scope of the changes, HOW MANY (developers note: not if any) bugs are found and whether any alterations to working practices have to be introduced.

I wanted to chime in with a tangible anecdote to support your observations here.

I work for an enterprise software company. One of our customers is a large credit card company. After our company was five years old, that credit card company still staffed more implementers / developers / testers dedicated to deploying our product throughout their organization than we staffed developers in our entire engineering team.

Talk about a ripple effect....

Comment roll your own VPN (Score 1) 55

Here's what I did. Perhaps it would work for your level of security / privacy needs:

1. Rent VPS (Virtual Private Server) running linux. From my vendor, I get 2TB of data transfer per month for less than $5.00.

2. Set up OpenVPN on remote CentOS linux server.

3. Install OpenVPN on my laptop. Verify against DNS leakage.

That process took about 15 minutes to set up and it's pretty straightforward. Security may be additionally enhanced by locating the remote VPS in another country, though your performance may suffer. The monthly cost of the VPS can be defrayed by using the server to host websites and files in addition to its service as a VPN gateway.

Comment Re:Who the hell... (Score 2) 143

According to this article, the estimated price is $21.85 per sq. ft. If you have a single-story, 2800 sf. home, and you decide to cover the ENTIRE roof with these tiles, then yeah, you're looking at $70k. Most people building new homes will go with multiple stories, so total square feet of roof space will be something less. And because of sun angle, it's likely the entire roof will not be covered. Though, if you're making that kind of investment, you better design your entire roof to be facing the sun!

That article also claims a warranty for the life of your home, not 30 years.

Comment CRISPR has potential application for flu (Score 4, Insightful) 139

This system would not be useful for treating any virus that doesn't use DNA (like, say, the flu)....

Per this article in Scientific American--

...But until the arrival of CRISPR, virologists lacked the tools to easily alter ferret genes. Xiaoqun Wang and his colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing have used CRISPR to tweak genes involved in ferret brain development, and they are now using it to modify the animals' susceptibility to the flu virus. He says that he will make the model available to infectious-disease researchers.

Note the open-source mindset already beginning to surround CRISPR! Researchers are exchanging their CRISPR recipes without concern for patents and intellectual property. This can really accelerate progress with developing CRISPR-based treatments.

Comment Worst for Black Women is Probably Correct (Score 0) 356

Check out this slide I saw at an Oracle presentation last month in Austin, Texas. The creator of that slide probably thought they were demonstrating diversity by including different ethnicities and genders from stock photos.

But consider how certain roles implying advanced status or experience are aligned with white men and lower-skilled roles are filled by women.

1. Mobile Developer (kind of a light type of programming, accessible job without deep experience) -- hip, young Asian woman.
2. Service Developers (dry programming that requires deep experience in boring stuff like databases and heavy-duty programming languages) -- Indian guy
3. LOB Stakeholder (some kind of business decision maker) -- white, bald guy in a suit
4. MCS Admin (no idea what MCS is, but "admin" means clerical administration no doubt.. low barrier to entry, probably no degree required) -- black woman
5. Enterprise Architect (big on training, probably CS degree, decades of IS experience) -- white man

Why can't the black woman be the LOB Stakeholder or the Enterprise Architect in this slide?

Comment Re:Internet Rape (Score 1) 547

...sell them to the National Enquirer without fear of legal repercussions.

I assume you mean that the National Enquirer would buy them to simply burn the documents. They are robust Donald Trump supporters and currently feature a story on the front page proclaiming "Trump finally caught the WH leaker!"

The best media outlet to sell them to would be Penthouse or Hustler.

I wouldn't expect any legal repercussions for the packet-sniffer as we just saw Rachel Maddow handling Trump's tax returns from 2005 and she is not in jail.

Comment Identity Access Management (Score 2) 63

It must be supported by auditing and reporting.

This is totally true and feasible in the enterprise. I work for a company that sells a product that aggregates all existing accounts, and then periodically sends out emails to managers saying, "Here's a list of accounts belonging to your team." The manager has to approve each one or revoke them. That way, there is accountability down the road if it turns out there were lingering accounts that shouldn't have been accessible or exploitable. Can also be used to certify the accounts on each remote application by the application "owner" or administrator.

These certifications are then reviewed by third-party auditors to validate their completeness. Several other vendors offer similar variations of this functionality.

Comment Re:It would be interesting to see the tipping poin (Score 1) 244

Many scientists have postulated that there is a bigger truth being hidden here-- the existence of a time machine used by future revolutionaries to undo the Third Reich's tyranical word dictatorship after Germany won World War 2.

Traveling back in time to "kill Hitler" has become so synonymous with time travel fantasies that it's unlikely future time travelers would actually do it for fear of divulging the existence of their powers and contaminating their preferred timeline. If people in current time knew they were at the mercy of time travelers, they could protect themselves by destroying records and implementing pervasive anonymity (ala technologies like Tor).

Thus, time travelers prefer to be more discrete and control history through lower profile nudges, like using future quantum computers to brute force the enigma machine and bring back the solution to the chaps at Bletchley Park.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 218

No they fucking aren't. I can get a ride with uber at half the price or less.

Those rides are subsidized by venture capital money. They're not profitable in how they are operating. They've lost billions of dollars. Enjoy your half-price rides while you can. Once they succeed at starving off the taxi industry, they expect to hold a monopoly over the transportation service market, at which point you will pay way higher fees. Somebody will have to compensate these venture capitalists for all the billions they've lost so far. Sounds like you are their intended target.

Comment Re:ToS (Score 4, Insightful) 218

Per this insightful article, venture capital money is artificially subsidizing those rides to make them seem cheaper than public transportation.

So why do people keep using and working for Uber? Money has a lot to do with it. Uber has used venture capital money to offer lower fares that attract more customers. Those subsidies also help Uber attract drivers despite often erratic corporate policies and a lack of job security.

These subsidies create false perceptions about transportation costs such as the one you voiced. People think Uber is doing it right and the traditional taxi companies have been doing it wrong the whole time.

The national taxi business is only worth $11 billion a year. Why is Uber so highly valued? Why is so much venture capital funding injected into Uber?!? Those investors are expecting to own a monopoly position in the transportation service market. Obviously, the intent of such a monopoly would be to ruthlessly squeeze as much money as possible out of consumers.

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