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Comment Hipchat does this with every file transferred (Score 5, Interesting) 29

Using the Atlassian chat client, HipChat, if a user transmits a file to another user, the file is stored on Amazon S3, just like it sounds as Box is doing, and is accessible by an obfuscated URL. The files are then available via any unauthenticated GET requests that can stumble upon the URL string via brute force.

A clever attacker doesn't even need to use her own resources in the brute force attack. A website can be constructed with millions of links pointing at candidate URLs and eventually Google and other indexers will spider them and the ones that don't turn up 404 errors will be added to the web index.

Comment Re:protecting capabilities (Score 1) 404

It's interesting that you do not deny that Putin's interest in relieving the economic sanctions trumps (pun intended) his interest in crushing Isis. Ok. We are in agreement there.

You seem like a bright fellow, so you'll probably recognize the fallacy you've presented in your own post regarding Podesta's lobbying firm taking money from a Russian bank. Did that money actually win them influence over Hillary Clinton? Apparently not. According to your prolific tirades against Clinton on Slashdot, she's a war mongering hawk trying to start wars with Russia. Donald Trump, in contrast, has the potential to (using your words)--

...join hands with Russia and Turkey to crush Isis.

You are trying to paint Clinton and Podesta as puppets of Russian lobbying money, while claiming the DNC also promotes Putin as a boogeyman. Kind of emphasizes the lack of real influence this money had on Clinton. You repeatedly reference this Saudi oil money going to the Clinton Foundation and paying for Chelsea's wedding, but where are the details on the quid pro quo? What was gained for them or the Russian bank?

I think we're getting tired of your broken record of "yeah, but Clinton collected money from xyz." Why don't you build up a stronger case for why Trump should hold hands with Putin to destroy Isis? We would all like to see your references to the great and wonderful things Vladimir Putin has done that would help explain how his involvement in Syria is only out of a humanitarian interest. I am very curious to hear more about your rationale for Donald Trump developing closer relations with Vladimir Putin.

Comment Re:protecting capabilities (Score 1) 404

..instead of having the US join hands with Russia and Turkey to crush Isis.

The Russian interest at play here is not to crush Isis, but to crush the economic sanctions against Russia for invading Crimea and trying to take over Ukraine. These sanctions are crippling the ability of the Russian Oligarchy to enjoy their wealth and amass more.

Do you think Paul Manafort was advising Trump on how Russia could join hands to help the US destroy ISIS, or do you think he was telling Trump about how all the Russian oligarchs would love him if he were to remove these annoying sanctions?

Trump has a track record of championing making money over punishing wrong-doers. Consider this episode where he wanted a convicted rapist to avoid prison time so his casino could profit off of his boxing match--

Trump and Tyson are old friends who did business together in the late 1980s, when the real estate mogul promoted and hosted several of Tyson's fights at his Atlantic City casinos and even fashioned himself for a time as the boxer's "business adviser." And in a largely forgotten episode, Trump came to the boxer's aid during one the darkest moments of Tyson's careerâ"his 1992 conviction for raping a beauty queen. To save the champ from being locked up, Trump pitched a highly controversial proposal that would have essentially allowed Tyson to buy his way out of prison.

Comment protecting capabilities (Score 1) 404

Your premise in denouncing the report is that the methodology employed is not as sophisticated as you expect Russia to be capable of. You should consider and acknowledge a couple of espionage realities:

The spearphishing employed against Podesta worked and was trackable. The report is not going to talk about the hacking attempts that did not work and were not trackable. As in the case of the Tempest vans you reference. Because the report does not mention Tempest vans does not mean they are not driving around.

Intelligence agencies will only release info that does not compromise their capabilities of collecting intelligence. If they were to release a transcript of a private office conversation between Putin and Paul Manafort containing details of the hacking, then Putin would realize there is a bug in his office and clear it out. The confidence of these US intelligence agencies that Russia was meddling in the recent election is buttressed by information collected that can't be released without divulging the source mechanism for its collection. What you see in the report is safe information to release.

Comment Re:Back to the old model (Score 1) 70

I'd be surprised if Amazon would give a shit if Clarkson did punch someone else

Amazon's lawyers give a huge shit about Clarkson's capacity for future violence in the workplace. Hiring someone who is known to have a propensity for physically abusing co-workers produces a huge legal liability for the employer. If he punches someone on the set of the new show, that person will sue Amazon and in court, there will be a huge claim paid by Amazon for criminal negligence.

That's really why he got fired from BBC. It's not about being PC. When he punched the first person at work, that victim could only win a suit against Clarskon. A second attack would bring the employer into liability for knowingly maintaining a dangerous workplace. If they didn't fire Clarkson at BBC and someone else punched another co-worker, the BBC could be liable because of the inaction against Clarkson sending a message to other employees that punching your co-worker is tolerated by the BBC.

I would not be surprised if Amazon's risk-management department has assigned some kind of bodyguard or conflict resolution expert(s) who are on set for each filming. Amazon is a public company and this is a typical sort of precaution that would be insisted upon by the risk management department.

Comment Re:Back to the old model (Score 0) 70

Seems like Amazon is going back to the old TV model of releasing a new episode every week

When you've got a host who during production of the season might punch a producer and you have to cancel the show, you want to immediately air the shows you've produced ASAP. Too big of a liability to sit on those episodes and hope Clarkson doesn't punch anyone while filming the rest.

Comment Re:A different position (Score 5, Informative) 469

...a candidates spouse taking hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign interests, which Trump was accused of but Bill Clinton actually did.

I suppose that depends on your definition of 'actually.' Checking Politifact, this claim does not hold true.

Per an article in Fortune magazine in October 2015 that traced both the Clintons' tax returns to estimate their net worth:

On the low end, the Clintons reported assets of $11.3 million. On the high end, they might have as much as $52.7 million. The couple listed no liabilities.

How is it that Bill Clinton 'actually' accepted HUNDREDS of millions of dollars from foreign interests, yet he only has assets totaling as much as $53 million?

This is a classic example of the disruption that Trump has brought to the political process.

Unrestrained fiction presented as facts to smear opponents requires an update or replacement to the term "truthiness."

Comment Re:Self Reporting is not accurate (Score 1) 57

Alternatively, employees appear to already be doing that to try to get salaries raise.

I am aware of anecdotal information where people on a team at a tech company did not get a raise that even covered cost-of-living increases for their community. They each went on Glassdoor and submitted salary surveys inflated by $50k or more for their roles in the hopes that it would make it difficult for their employer to recruit others at a lesser salary.

Poison pill.

Comment internal memo from Satya Nadella... (Score 1) 245

My friend works as a developer within Microsoft and he just texted me saying he and his coworkers have all received a memo from the CEO using a metaphor of being on a 'burning platform' and asking if anyone knows of another company that can buy Microsoft and then after spending more billions of dollars just close the whole thing down out of frustration.

Any ideas?

Comment Re:Best attempted on Earth first! (Score 1) 222

I think automated mining is more viable than remote-controlled mining.

Terrastrial mining incorporates humans to optimize the energy / yield ratio. Since the target materials are not very valuable, energy efficiency is critical to the equation- earth mining operations can't afford to process a million cubic yards of material to extract a couple pounds of gold.

In a space / Mars mining operation, the input energy will have to be solar. The target materials will be as valuable as the cost of sending them from Earth to Mars, so very valuable- an ounce of water on Mars is far more valuable than an ounce of gold on Earth. These target materials (elements like iron or molecules like water) will likely also be easier to efficiently process out of the surrounding material. These dynamics make automated mining an attractive proposition in space (or on Mars).

Comment fellow F150 Lariat Owner Here... (Score 1) 292

I'm enjoying a used 2007 F150 Lariat I bought a few months ago. I intentionally shopped trucks without a touchscreen because I didn't want to haggle with a seller asking higher prices because of 'premium audio.'

I installed an Alpine ILX-007 bought off eBay for $480 along with a Camera Source backup camera purchased directly from the manufacturer for $268.

The Alpine is a CarPlay head unit that works great. It's a wired connection - NO BLUETOOTH. You can still do hands-free phonecalls. I have had several problems with bluetooth unexpectedly stealing my phone calls when my wife shows up with one of our cars in the driveway. So far, I am very happy with the Alpine CarPlay experience in the F150.

We also own a 2013 Ford Flex w/ the myTouch and I have literally punched that screen a few times. Consumer Reports initially gave the 2013 Flex a very enthusiastic review, then later retracted it due to the flawed myTouch system. I hope Ford gets a kick in the nuts over this garbage head unit.

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