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Comment Re:dumb question? (Score 1) 25

RIP, Apache. You were wonder in your time.

Yeah REST in peace, just REPLicate what other people said and we will all be alRITE. SIGNified by your c/p SIGNature. You are not the first to have found the silver bullit, but your forecomers weren't the last.

PS. Ruby is a great language

Comment Trapped! (Score 5, Insightful) 191

I wonder why people always start claiming their rights so late.

However, a trademark application for the name was not filed until May - when rumours about Microsoft's new product had already spread widely across the internet.
Microsoft, meanwhile, filed its own trademark applications for the name in March - for a variety of uses, including search engine software, interface software, advertising, telecoms and for "providing a website and website links to geographic information, map images and trip routing".

Aren't you obliged to protect your mark? Seems to me they have nothing on MS.

Comment Java too complex (Score 3, Insightful) 558

I think that java had the momentum, and the quality, so ultimately there was something structurally wrong with it that caused the decline in marketshare. The webapp share was taken over by flash, which is far slower than the java vm, because actionscript was easier to program in. If sun had made a ligthweight version of the vm for the browser and simpler language like visual basic, things might have been very different.

Comment Re:Control (Score 1) 160

Nonsense, anyone with a brain was thinking that Berlusconi would be able to use this attack to his advantage immediately. This is not the way to change politics. I can't say feel sorry for him but I wouldn't wish him this attack. If you ask me the Italians get the premier they deserve, Berlusconi is promoting corruption from top to bottom and that is why the people keep him in power. At the end of the day it is the people who keep watching his tv-channels.

Comment Re:Of course being in China, (Score 3, Interesting) 315

Always America this, America that. We used to be badasses in Europe too! My country the Netherlands have colonized the world. Not only did we take slaves from Africa to South America. Noo that wasn't enough: we also had to take people from Indonesia, and the Middle East. So think about that next time you pick a random target to demonize.

Comment Don't get a new job, just talk to your boss (Score 1) 1019

Do we have to go over the slashdot animosity towards phb ritual everytime? How about engaging this like intelligent reasonable people that like to build up empirical arguments? Isn't that what we nerds are good at? I think OP's boss has a reasonable point. I find that studying or coding with music works well when there is no singing involved and no dominant fx like a hard drum-bass etc. Maybe you can suggest that to your boss.

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