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Comment Re: It's hard to find time to be violent (Score 1) 193

The problem is spotting it when such a movement is in its infancy, when stopping it would be trivial. Today we know that a lot of atrocities could have avoided had Hitler been stopped early on. Though it would have been questionable whether that would actually have been good for the peace in Europe, imagine a Germany with its vast technological and industrial power with someone commanding the armies that actually had a clue. But I digress.

The very reason the Nazis came to power in Germany in the 1930s is the outcome of the first world war and Clemenceau's zeal to cripple Germany to the point where it will never present a threat to France. Without this, there would have never been a Nazi movement and a WW2. Luckily, America was smarter after WW2. A dictated peace does not last.

Comment Re: Incredibly arrogant (Score 1) 175

Plant like, probably not. But we'd likely be considered like some primitive stone age tribe that our anthropologists like to visit, show them some of our "civilization" tools and belittle them for not knowing what to do with the magical artifacts.

If life on other planets is like us, the very last thing I'd want to be is discovered.

Comment Re:Time Makes Fools of Us All (Score 1) 175

In a universe that is at least 13.something billion lightyears across (because that's what we can actually observe), 4.5 billion years is nothing. All you could do in that time is move across a third of it. Provided you travel at light speed, see jack shit and never stop.

Comment Re:Of course. We are the aliens. (Score 1) 175

Sorry, no.

Us being the descendants of some aliens landing here in prehistoric times makes zero sense. We would have started as a civilization advanced enough to build interstellar space ships and then land on this planet to become stone age tribes again, forget all technology and start from scratch? Name one scenario where this makes even remotely sense.

Then, next, where are those space ships? Ships of that size cannot burn up in reentry. Not to mention that our ancient stories would talk about it. But aside from some stories in the Vedes there is no stuff coming down from the heavens. In most religions, whoever is holy goes up, rather than coming down.

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