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Submission + - Internet Explorer Users Are Kinda Stupid 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "PC World reports that AptiQuant, a "psychometric consulting" firm that provides hiring exams for businesses, gave online IQ tests to more than 100,000 people and found that if you use Internet Explorer, your IQ might be below average. Visitors arrived at the site either through organic searches or through advertisements on other sites, and Aptiquant made a note of which browser each test taker was using. On average, Internet Explorer users fared the worst, with IE6 users at the bottom of the pile with an average IQ of about 82 and IE8 users performing slightly better at about 94 while Firefox, Chrome and Safari fell in the middle with little difference between them at about 110. IE with Chrome Frame and Camino landed on top, along with Opera, whose users scored the highest with an IQ of about 128, "The study showed a substantial relationship between an individual's cognitive ability and their choice of web browser," AptiQuant concluded. "From the test results, it is a clear indication that individuals on the lower side of the IQ scale tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers." Interestingly enough AptiQuant provided data from a similar 2006 study showing that Internet Explorer users performed well with average IQs about of about 102 (PDF). "I wouldn't take [the tests] too seriously," writes Jared Newman. "They are, after all, comprised only of people who feel compelled to take IQ tests. But if you ever want to argue that Internet Explorer 6 users are too stupid to upgrade, at least now you've got some empirical evidence.""
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Submission + - Internet Explorer Users Are Dumber (cnn.com)

BlueMikey writes: A company giving online IQ tests compared the results of the tests to the browser used by the test taker. Users of Internet Exporer averaged a score below average while users of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari were above average. Users of Opera scored the highest. Unfortunately for Internet Explorer users, the study did not have a causal link, so switching to a better browser probably will not boost their IQ test results.

Comment Re:Can't wait for the next Nintendo console (Score 1) 276

Well, I, and many of the people that I know, consider the two Super Mario Galaxy games to be two of the best games of this cycle. And I appreciate the fact that when I bought my Wii, it was a hundred or two cheaper than the 360 and three or four hundred cheaper than the PS3. I appreciate the fact that the games start out $10 cheaper. (For what it's worth, the Wii's crappy Internet connectivity and onboard storage means they gouge us less with expensive downloadable content. Each Call of Duty game, for online players, doesn't cost $60, it costs $105.)

Perhaps more importantly, almost no one I know who loves playing on their Wii console regrets buying it because it has lesser graphics. Consider that most people bought one knowing that going in---it isn't like Nintendo is hiding the fact that its hardware is inferior. Maybe it is true that you can't have graphics and fun, if graphics makes things too realistic as to ruin the gaming experience or if the focus on graphics means developers don't focus on fun (for which I revert back to my Transformers 3 comparison). Again, people can complain about graphics all they want, but if that is the *sole* reason they avoid one video game over another, then I question their taste.

Comment Re:Can't wait for the next Nintendo console (Score 2) 276

This is like saying you won't read one of the best books of the year because you hate the weird serif they use on the letter "f". We'd all be much better off if game designers focused more on fun and playability than on graphics. That's why many people still go back to the classics---graphics don't matter to most of us, fun does. I get that movies like Transformer 3 make a crapton of money on the strength of fancy special effects, but such movies, from writing to acting to editing to anything outside of effects, are utter crap. So enjoy paying for graphics, I'll pay for fun.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 276

Most blu-ray players, however, can do these things now too (and better as time goes by). Hell, most TVs can do these things now. An expensive console isn't necessary anymore unless you're really interested in the games involved. And since Xbox Live is far superior to online gaming offered on the PS3 (and the almost useless Wii connectivity), a PS3 is really only useful for people who largely play one-player games or for those who can afford multiple consoles and want the PS3 exclusives.

Comment Re:PC Gamers enjoy indie RPGs more than console ga (Score 1) 125

Exactly. This game is a parody of NES area games. It's essentially a take on Dragon Quest, which isn't the type of game that PC gamers grew up with. There are very few PC games that I can think of that fit that mold. If we were looking at some parody of a point-and-click adventure ala Gold Rush, Monkey Island, or King's Quest, sure, PC makes sense. But the Zeboyd games are console thru and thru.

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