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Comment Just what I needed! (Score 1) 142

Yet another port of a game I've already purchased 3 times! And for a system I don't own/can't afford! And the greatest foreseeable benefit? Now I can fat-finger my way to accidentally using my last megalixir instead of the Hi-Potion 2 items up in the item list! The joy!

that said, I'll probably still end up buying this version, too :(


Submission + - Sony Axes "UMD-to-PSP Go" Goodwill program.

Lookin4Trouble writes: "At the cost of what little consumer good will remains, Sony Computer Entertainment America has decided to axe the "UMD-to-PSP Go" Goodwill Program "...due to legal and technical reasons...". To add insult to injury, Sony Europe is making good on the Go Rewards program, offering 3 free games to European UMD owners, not available to customers outside of the European region. Engadget reports that 225 of the initial "at least 300" digital games will be offered at launch to the US market, at full retail price, even for those who currently own their legacy UMD copies, contrary to SCEA Spokesman John Koller's interview covered 4 months ago."

Comment Re:$514 fee to collect $514 reversal (Score 2, Informative) 309

2 replies up, I used my VISA card, and they refused to do jack-squat about it because the transaction was over international boundaries. Chargeback is a great option so long as the transaction is strictly in-country (as I initially believed this one to be), but all bets are off if the other side of the transaction is in another country.

Comment $514 fee to collect $514 reversal (Score 4, Informative) 309

I thought this one was good, had a transaction that went sour, seller was supposedly in Orlando, FL, but ended up being in Bangkok, Thailand. Item was obviously defective, returned at my expense, with proof, and PayPal sided with me on the claim, letting me know they had the money from the other person's account before I sent it. Posted proof that it was sent, and received a credit of $0.00. Net cost to me for the nothing I now have in hand: $514.00 for initial transaction, +$78.30 to send the item back to Thailand for a grand total of me getting shafted in the amount of $592.30

I'm just fucking thrilled with PayPal right now, can't you tell?

Comment SysInternals BGInfo for the win (Score 1) 316

I probably won't get modded at all thanks to catching this discussion so late in the game, but I managed to get an insider poke at SysInternals, hard enough that they updated their BGInfo application to fix just this problem (for a test-lab Win7 machine no less). Difference is, I routed it through a guy at Microsoft who actually lives and breathes this stuff - Aaron Margosis. Check out his blog on application compatibility and least user access, he's been working through it since XP came out, and has really helped my company make strides towards a solid-performing (more) secure desktop for my users.

Comment Re:giving up mod rights to comment here (Score 1) 495

I don't think the machine was built for quiet, I think liquid cooling was used to get more cooling (and this more overclockability) than fan cooling alone would. The machine was built for speed, not noise reduction. Otherwise, why would there be so many fans in addition to the liquid cooling?

From TFA:

We asked Puget what its goals were in building this thing and, perhaps more important, what was their customer hoping to get out of it. They answered with the following:
"Our client came to us with a need we hear often: he wanted a high performance machine, but wanted it quiet. Of course, "quiet" is a subjective term...

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