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Comment Re:It's Here Now (Score 1) 235

You design a tube system over terrain exposed to temp differences with a few thousand flexible joints to handle expansion and contraction. Keep the whole thing near a perfect vacuum and send cabs filled with people through it at 760 Mph.
Engineering. Hard stuff for many. Easy if you do not even think about it.

Comment Re:Treat the problem rather than the symptoms (Score 1) 81

Title of your comment.
Treat the problem rather than the symptoms

Maybe they should start paying the chinese workers fair wages so the won't have an incentive to leak stuff

I didn't say the approach will cure the problem.

You stated quite clearly that the problem WAS the wages. The problem is not wages. The problem is that the incentives are many and huge. Also the newer Chinese culture is built around the idea of cheating and theft. They have entire regions dedicated to it.

In short, if you raised wages by 50%, it would not make more than a 1% difference in leaks.

Comment Re:Treat the problem rather than the symptoms (Score 1) 81

I fully agree on fair wages bro, but the shit after that is pure fucking insane.
You have to be retarded to think a rise in wages will prevent leaks. Obviously you are an ideologue and you can not help but being duped into thinking that the belief system you operate under is the fix for every problem you see.

Possibly if you opened your mind a bit you could operate intelligently on the facts around you instead of looking like a pathetic retard spouting crazy shit.

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