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Comment Re:And the BIGGER question is .. (Score 0) 142

What you are saying is that you think that given an infinite amount of time that it may become possible and that by making that argument you are inferring that you are a fucking idiot. Ok. Both are true.

Someday there maybe materials invented that make every problem with this system go away and you are an idiot.

Comment Re:And the BIGGER question is .. (Score 1) 142

Which problems go away underground? One.

If you make it deep enough you can design the normal sections to handle the much smaller expansion issues.
You still need (With incredibly optimistic numbers) 24,000 normal sections. Still need to over the life of the system replace 80 of those a month.

Now though you have to do it underground.

The truth is to make this work is possible.
To afford the build cost is difficult
To have maintenance costs that keep the project viable is impossible.

Comment Re:And the BIGGER question is .. (Score 1) 142

If we want to just imagine shit, then free energy, everything is free and most things easy.

You could go with the best materials we currently know of that we have no idea how to make on that scale. 20ft diameter carbon nanotubes.
That could probably work well. They are much lighter and are effected far, far less by temperature changes. If we did that we would not need expansion joints. We would just need to bolt together vacuum sealed sections.

If it makes you feel better we can keep the impossibly long to transport to site 300 ft long sections and we can just decide that they can go on average 50 years before needing maintenance. That is still 10 to replace every week. Assuming no unforeseen failures.

Herp derp.

But yes. If we come up with materials we have not even thought of and everything becomes massively cheap and we are able to get around current regulations we could possibly make it work. Then again we could say the same thing about matter replicators. If I was trying to get California to give me money to set up a hypothetical matter replicator network to help the poor.....

Well. That is how fucking stupid this idea is.

Comment Re:And the BIGGER question is .. (Score 3, Informative) 142

Is Hyperloop cheaper long term? That still up for debate...

No. Not even close.
600 mile route is 1200 miles of tube. 1 each way.
IF you could do 300 foot sections of tube that would be about 24,000 bolted together seals. Shorter sections equate to many more seals.

If you put one expansion joint every 2000 feet, you would need about 3,500 of those. Each needing to move about 12" do to temperature expansion (Steel, low temp 40f high 110f).

If you can make the main joints last for 25 years on average before replacement (Not likely considering vacuum and shit.) would would be replacing 80 of them a month. Expansion joints lasting 10 years on average I think would be good. There you would be replacing about 30 of them a month.

That is 110 places a month that need to get replaced. If you never have them go bad out of sequence it is possible I guess if you start at one end and go down doing replacements methodically and were able to isolate from the rest of the system, pressurize, remove and install 20 normal sections and 8 expansion joints, re do the vacuum and open to the rest of the system once a week, every week and get it done between 11 PM and 6 AM so as to not kill service too badly ... If you could do great, get the best maintenance, the seals and expansion joints work wonders and last for LONG times. If you could do all that.

It would still be a clusterfuck.

Comment Re:Failure to Understand. (Score 1) 309

My Statement.

Many iPhone buyers have disposable income and most of the $40 will come out of savings. There are some working poor that can not really afford an iPhone and some of them may spend less elsewhere as a result. Some of them may hold on to their phone longer or buy a less expensive phone.


You should tell Apple that iPhone buyers are universally willing to spend $40 more and they can't find anything else they'd like to spend an additional $40 for than the iPhone they're already buying. Apple has obviously screwed up royally in setting their price at such a steep discount, and would profit greatly by raising the price of the iPhone $40 without actually adding anything to the model.

Nothing more need be said. I am done with you.

Comment Re:Failure to Understand. (Score 1) 309

The very first line you type lets me know that this discussion is a waste of my time.

You should tell Apple that iPhone buyers are universally willing to spend $40 more and they can't find anything else they'd like to spend an additional $40 for than the iPhone they're already buying.

You are not a fucking moron. Therefore you know I did not come close to stating that, or implying, "universally". In fact I stated very clearly that some would have less to spend and that some would buy cheaper phones. Since we both know that I stated that, it is clear that you will lie to get your point across. Not only will you lie, but on line one, you felt so incapable to defend your ideas that you started out with lies about what I said.

It is a good thing you are trying to be a politician. You are unable to defend ideas, you lie to try not to look like you are losing and I am sure you will do the same in your campaign. I hope only that others in your area see the levels that you will stoop to in order push ideas that you can not truthfully defend.

Much like comparing people to Hitler, when your first line is based on a blatant lie the conversation must end.

Comment Re:Failure to Understand. (Score 1) 309

The thought that most (Even though you did the math for ALL) iPhone buyers will buy $40 less stuff because their phone cost $40 more is a fallacy.
Many iPhone buyers have disposable income and most of the $40 will come out of savings. There are some working poor that can not really afford an iPhone and some of them may spend less elsewhere as a result. Some of them may hold on to their phone longer or buy a less expensive phone.

Chinese manufacture is the best in the world.

No it is not. It is just really cheap.

I don't even know how to relate to some of the mature-class mechanisms--but I'm at a point where encountering painful thoughts just leads to a lot of screaming until the pain goes away.

And running for office.

I would guess you simply have too many holes in your understanding of economic history and economics in general

Yes. That would be a guess that you make.

are working off political ideals you've let define your identity; as I seem to be altogether better at an objective examination of a situation (rather than ranting about whether an action is right or wrong or a disaster because $REPUBLICANS $DEMOCRATS), and have made statements which would invalidate some of your ideals, you feel threatened and need to diminish me to below your life experience.

I do not work off political ideals. I work off ideals.
Thinking that stating that some guys got fucked by the Chinese and a statement of "Chinese manufacturing is the best" do not invalidate my ideas. Your simple math attempted that. Thinking that $40 to be spent, must be taken from somewhere is false. If it were true we could not have had the economic growth we have had for the last 100 years. The economy is not a strictly zero sum game.
I mentioned nothing about democrats or republicans. They both care more about a letter, "D" or, "R" than the country or the people in it.

I look down simply because your ideas are shallow.
You can not agree, but even your rebuttal math shows that you do not have an understanding of how economies work.

People who pay more for luxury items do not all have to pay less elsewhere. There is a qualitative difference between the tax money given to government to be doled out as services for under and unemployed and receiving less in taxes to give people real jobs. If you want to judge Chinese manufacturing maybe you should look at the quality of LED strips, Tools, Vaping Equipment, or many other things they make in China. It is cheap, it does mostly work. It is not good quality and China does not have the best manufacturing in the world. Bad Math - Zero Sum Economics - Best Manufacturing in the World - and the thought that iPhone users all have to stop spending in other places to buy an iPhone are all things that point to you not having a firm grasp on the subjects you are speaking on.

Comment Re:Failure to Understand. (Score 1) 309

The spending of money has to come from somewhere--notably, taxpayer pockets.

It already does. Paying for services for all those people without jobs.

if America loses 87,000 jobs

If the white whale beaches itself off the coast of Africa. (See how anyone can make any statement at all by just typing and nothing more need be done.) If you think that the idea that an iPhone will cost $40.00 more because of increased labor costs will cost the US 87,000 jobs, show your work their bucko.

f we buy from them rather than picking up the cheap (and identical) Chinese one.

Tell that to the dead pets and children eating lead paint. Chinese products can be identical for a few bucks less. They can and often are dangerously different.

this is Wisconsin and Wisconsin cares about Wisconsin first!

Umm, Yes.

You seem young. University was not the education that you thought it was. Learn some history, grow out of your bubble, work hard for a decade and fail a few times and survive and learn from that. If you are smart and you learn well from your experiences you might just become a complete person.

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