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Comment Re: Skynet? (Score 1) 234

Well, this may be an interesting talking point, but really is a matter of attitude. Remember when Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack? I don't live in Toronto, but I applaud his honesty. The same goes for every other scenario on earth. If I cheat my wife, it's brought up, and I admit to it, I'll gain far more respect than if I deny, deny, deny.

Comment Re: Skynet? (Score 1) 234

Invasion of privacy sucks, I agree. But come on, how can any agency get information without an internet connection? I suppose you'll say "physical access", to which the answer is "linux+encryption", or "measuring emp" which is even more invasive. If you're breaking laws and don't notice the large surveillance van parked in front of your house for three days, you're an idiot.

Comment Re: Well... (Score 1) 186

Which is by far the majority (even the ones breaking the law by drug dealing, etc.). I'm Canadian, which first of means I don't think my country is "much" better, but secondly I think that Americans get a pretty bad rap worldwide based on the idiots governing the place. I've met hundreds of Americans, and they have all been as normal, friendly, and polite as any Canadian I've met, despite our stereotype here.

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