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Windows 8 Killing PC Sales 1010

yl-roller writes "IDC says Windows 8 is partly to blame for PC sales suffering the largest percentage drop ever. 'As if that news wasn't' troubling enough, it appears that a pivotal makeover of Microsoft's ubiquitous Windows operating system seems to have done more harm than good since the software was released last October.' According to a ZDNet article, IDC originally expected a drop, but only half the size."

Comment Smithsonian Denied Access To Photos (Score 4, Interesting) 267

Interesting that the Smithsonian has denied researcher access to photos it holds which could clear up the matter...

"The William J. Hammer Collection is located at the Smithsonian Institute, Researchers are denied access: Hammer Collection archival note denying access to researchers"

you would think that they would at least make copies available. What good are the photos if they are locked away in a vault where nobody can ever look at them?

Comment Re:That's not a drone (Score 2) 339

"Your average R/C aircraft pilot wouldn't be that stupid unless he/she is intent on getting in trouble"

5 years ago, maybe. But with the rapid increase in availability, affordability and desirability of easy to fly aircraft (quadcopters especially), more and more, well, idiots, are playing with them. Even FPV with extreme long distance is well within the reach of amateurs now (legal or not).

These "new" people playing, are doing just that, playing, they don't realise that they are operating aircraft, piloting, and are subject to aviation rules, airspace, and other restrictions on where, when and how they can operate their aircraft.

Comment Kill Switch (Score 1) 1176

I don't know why manufacturers of modern computer controlled cars don't simply install a kill switch, either disconnecting the ignition like a motorcycle does, or mechanically shut off the fuel supply with a solenoid.

Hit the kill switch, engine stops. You still have all electrical power and control so just roll to the side of the road.

Solenoids to control shut off fuel are not even novel, my early 80s car has a solenoid to shut down the fuel supply at the carburettor when you turn off the key (anti run-on).

Comment Additional Media Article, Confirms Compromise (Score 4, Informative) 47


The company initially blamed a deluge of compromised accounts on a successful phishing attack, saying customers were tricked into clicking on scam emails, but has now acknowledged a "second attack" that was outside customers' control.

"We understand from our own technical investigations that the security of some YahooXtra email customer accounts may have been compromised, making it possible for emails to be sent from these accounts without the customers' knowledge," the company said in a statement.


Submission + - Widespead Email Compromise by Yahoo (YahooXtra) in New Zealand (nzherald.co.nz)

Bitsy Boffin writes: Xtra, the largest ISP in New Zealand, which outsources email provision to Yahoo, has in the last two days been subject of a widespread email compromise, causing potentially thousands of accounts to send SPAM messages to every address in their webmail address books.

Discussion at Geekzone centers around this potentially being a continuation of the Yahoo XSS exploit.

While Telecom NZ, the owners of Xtra internet service provider indicate that the problem was "resolved", reports of SPAM from it's members continue unabated.

Telecom NZ are advising those affected to change their passwords.

Comment Arduino + Fritzing (Score 5, Informative) 228

No question in my mind, an Arduino for the microcontroller platform, and Fritzing to do the design.


Arduino: community, quite simply, it has the critical mass of community behind it so you have a real source of knowledge (and existing code) to draw from. It's like the hardware analog of PHP, sure it's not necessarily the best, but the sheer amount of resources out there means you will have an easier time getting it to do what you want.

Eventually your projects might extend from running on top of an actual Arduino form board (I like the Diavolino board/kit from Evil Mad Science, mainly because it looks cool, but also because you can set it up with the minimum of components to suit you), to you incorporating the AVR onto your own PCB design but still using the Arduino bootloader/environment, to you incorporating a bare AVR on the board and moving away from the Arduino environment. So you have a clear progression of learning.

Fritzing: open source, simple, and a GOOD interface for HOBBY users. No it's not a replacement for Eagle, or Altium or DesignSpark... but a hobbiest working on small things just doesn't need the power of those, they want a nice easy system which they doesn't have a steep learning curve, and can help them draw the schematic, breadboard it, and design a pcb. There are other open source packages, such as KiCad but universally, I found, that the interfaces just suck, hugely, unless you really invest the time to become familiar with them, and then they still suck but you can live with it. Fritzing is far FAR more intuitive, if less professional.

Comment Re:Deletion of duplicate files (Score 1) 314

The only way user A and user B could have intermingling files in the first place was if all the data (source AND key) was completely identical to begin with.


Posters previously were suggesting the mega client may hash the file before encryption, and submit that along with the encrypted file. If you hash the same unencrypted data twice, you get the same hash so you can identify the duplicate files without knowing the contents.

But I pointed out in the post you replied to, that it doesn't mean you can just ditch one of the encrypted files and substitute the other, because the encrypted files are, as you correctly understand, absolutely dependant on the key, which only one of the parties will have.

So, in other words, the de-duping, either doesn't happen (lawyer insertion into the terms by mistake), or it's only to cater for a VERY limited circumstance where somebody encrypts/uploads the same file, with the same key, which, is extraordinarily unlikely --- unless the two uploaders have previously exchanged the key(s) between themselves.

Or maybe a mega developer just didn't quite think his plan through far enough ;-)

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