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Comment Re:... and at least 6 years of right-wing politics (Score 1) 726

If anyone is really over-represented, its Libertarians, who will sound like right-wingers when a Democrat is in office and like left-wingers when a Republican is in office

I'm not sure which libertarians you've seen posts from here on slashdot, but I have yet to see one that looks like a left-winger when the GOP is in power. Most slashdot self-described libertarians that I come across just don't want to be branded by the GOP, and lean on their copy of Atlas Shrugged as being somehow proof that they are stunning individualists.

well-reasoned arguments will get voted up, and worst-case I get to see what other people with different political beliefs than mine consider a persuasive argument.

That said, I was trying to describe more so the articles that make the front page here than the discussion and the comments in them (and how they are moderated). We've seen a noticeable up-tick in pro-GOP front page articles in recent years and a noticeable down-tick in articles of any other political slant. 2017 has been a slight exception to this, only because we elected a professional internet troll to the white house last November. Prior to that we never made it a week without seeing at least one blatantly anti-Obama article on the front page here while it was rare to see one article that was celebrating him in a month.

When I had trouble was the final stages of the 2016 election. All appearances were that the comment/moderation system here got pwned by Russian trolls, with the result that the stuff that got upvoted bore no relationship whatsoever to the quality of the thoughts

I have a hard time believing that the Russian trolls would have found this site to be worth their efforts, unless they were using it to train bots. Slashdot's user base has been steadily shrinking over the years (in terms of how many users actually comment on anything or partake in any kind of discussion). If the Russian trolls had paid any attention to what makes the front page of this site they would not have found it worth their while either, as they were trying to push the election in favor of Trump and this site was happily touting how awesome he was anyways.

Comment Re:stylish (Score 1) 726

because I am mostly correct on issues

What issues do you have in mind that you have been "mostly correct" on? I might not have seen them, I mostly see you quoting your favorite scriptures, recruiting for your favorite cult, and repeatedly lying about the constant everyday role of your faith in your life. I will give you credit for being consistent, but not for being correct.

Comment What a stupid question (Score 5, Insightful) 186

Are you one of the 3.7 million Netflix users who still get DVDs sent in the mail? If so, what's keeping you from embracing the digital age and streaming movies via the internet?

DVDs are digital - hell it's right in the acronym Digital versatile disc. Just because someone wants a physical copy for some reason doesn't mean it magically was transformed into analog by the postal service.

That said if we wanted to really entertain the question of why someone would want DVDs by mail - ignoring the stupidity of the way the question was posed in this summary - there is still at least one good reason for it on Netflix. Their DVD library is much larger than their streaming library. If you want to see something that is 2-7 years old, there is a really good chance it is available for streaming. Outside that range, your chances are not very good. There are a lot of really good titles available that you simply can't stream. One great example that is relevant right now is Blade Runner. If you don't own it and you want to see the original version before going to the theatre to see the new one, you can't stream it on Netflix, they don't stream it. You can't buy it today brand new at Best Buy, Target, or Walmart as it was pulled off the shelves by the studio. Some of the retailers claim they could ship it to you next week if you buy it today but there's no guarantee. Netflix will tell you when you'll have it.

Beyond that, the single disc service is only $8 per month. Most Netflix subscribers have a card on file with them that automatically gets billed; I suspect a majority of these people wouldn't notice another $8 from their card every month one way or the other. I know I have weeks where my gas consumption fluctuates by a lot more than $8 and I don't spend much time worrying about it.

Comment Re:... and at least 6 years of right-wing politics (Score 2) 726

Just read through the archives, the stories weren't hard to find. At least once a week there was a front page article featuring a conspiracy about Obama getting ready to shut down the internet, or give away iPhones to homeless people, or increase taxes on Donald Trump, or force us all to drive hybrid cars. This site looked like it was a "tech" spin-off of the drudge report some days. This site was even attracting ads from Townhall, newsmax, and the like as well (the usual "polls" about how soon Hillary should be imprisoned and whatnot).

The front-page volume of conservative noise has likely decreased only because of what a total epic failure Trump has been so far.

Comment ... and at least 6 years of right-wing politics (Score 3, Interesting) 726

In the not-too-distant past the dominant voice on this site took a hard right turn. During the administration of Obama we saw a constant barrage of anti-Obama and anti-Clinton news bits on the front page, while simultaneously seeing articles that championed various right wing causes.

Sure, we see some front page articles now that point out a subset of the failings of the current POTUS, but regardless of how much someone loves him it would be nearly impossible to not have to come to face with his failings on at least a daily basis.

Comment Re:The Supreme Court ruled on Dred Scott, too. (Score 1) 9

Has the supreme court been wrong before? Undoubtedly. However the SCOTUS doesn't get to just pick out of thin air which topics to pass judgment on; the topics have to be brought to them as cases. Then 9 people with lifetime appointments get to decide whether or not they want to hear arguments and make statements. Considering the new stacking of the SCOTUS we won't likely see a sensible ruling on gun-related matters any time soon, in fact we're more likely to see something nonsensical soon.

and gun nuts love their guns.

It's real hard to paint an accurate picture of this killer with the information that is publicly available. Does one qualify as a gun nut just by owning a bunch of guns? It's unclear what statement he was trying to make; if he was trying to argue for better access to guns why would he then use an outdoor concert as his shooting range? Nobody in the crowd had any hope of being able to stop the attack from the ground with any weapon that could be easily carried by a normal individual adult.

Personally if I were to bet on what his motivations were, I would anticipate we find that he just wanted to go out with notoriety. Nobody knew him before he did this, now his name is everywhere. I don't expect we'll find any political agenda behind this. He definitely thought through what he was going to do, he didn't seem to be too concerned about what happened after. If he had only killed himself nobody would have ever known about him.


Journal Journal: OK, who broke the google? 6

I'm getting a lot of errors trying to connect to pages and services that use various bits of google. Slashdot appears to have been spared that problem by their commitment to use at least 90% code that was written before google overtook infoseek as the prominent search engine for people who found yahoo to be too busy.

Comment A train wreck of little importance (Score 1) 9

... by which I mean the text of the Second Amendment. Last I checked it is the only amendment that was written as a single sentence (other than the repeal of prohibition). It was not exactly written in clear English, either.

However the text as written is not that terribly important. What matters is how the SCOTUS interprets it, and a while back we were handed the strict interpretation that the "well regulated militia" is antiquated and unimportant because everyone should be able to go buy guns. Similarly the "security of a free state" bit - which was never elaborated upon - means whatever the fuck someone wants it to mean. If you live in Idaho and believe that someone from Washington is hatching a Commie plot to invade your state, you are free to use the "security of a free State" bit to go after them.

Don't forget though that the NRA put at least $30M into the campaign coffers of the guy who claimed he could run his campaign with his own money, and they expect good ROI there.

Comment Re:subject (Score 1) 3

Waiting for slashdot moderation to be fixed is like waiting for water to start flowing uphill. Waiting for slashdot metamoderation to be fixed is like waiting for Drumpf to become an intelligent and respectable POTUS. Waiting for slashdot to support unicode properly is like waiting for the sun to burn out.

Comment 32 bit boxes are probably suited better elsewhere (Score 2) 133

Are there really many 32bit systems being used in general purpose (workstation or similar) settings? I tend to come across 32bit boxes most often now as either embedded systems, mini servers (in low-demand applications), or various novelty / nostalgia applications. All of these could probably be better suited with a more specialized OS than Ubuntu that aims for the general populace. While it can make support a little more tricky (particularly if all your 64bit systems are Ubuntu) it is probably worth the effort. to switch.

Comment Re:oh no (Score 1) 2

That's fucked up.

That's an understatement. I'd say that part is actually less fucked up than this part though:

Police say investigators plan to meet with prosecutors to determine whether charges will be brought.

This should be a fucking no-brainer. The gun owner needs to be charged and permanently stripped of their right to own a firearm. This should never happen, period. If the owner can't be responsible then they shouldn't have a gun. Law enforcement shouldn't be discussing whether to bring charges, but rather simply what charges to bring. If ever there was a situation that called for charges of felony-level child endangerment, this would be it.

User Journal

Journal Journal: GunFail-of-the-day 2

Rather rare for a well known news outlet to pick up on a gunfail when nobody is dead (though even those don't get much coverage):
Toddler shot 2 other kids at Michigan home day care
I'm surprised it is even being described as an accident, being as a kid who was previously killed as a result of their shit-for-brains parents leaving a loaded weapon on the table was described

Comment Re:Their hardware got blitzed (Score 1) 3

So as usual they won't admit any problems here on drudgedot itself.

Here's one description of what happened
I like this bit:

"We recognize there have always been issues with SourceForge and Slashdot, both with our current provider and within the infrastructure," Abbott told us.

"As a result we had already decided to fund a complete rebuild of hardware and infrastructure with a new provider. We have the hardware on hand and are at the final stages of negotiations with the new provider."

Where of course they aren't willing to promise any money at all to fixing the shitty code that keeps this place (barely) running.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Where's the Description of What Took Slashdot Offline? 3

Over the past 48 hours slashdot has been offline more than not. While it was beyond slashdot - it also influenced at least sourceforge as well - it would still be nice to see an explanation of what happened. Instead, we see more twitter diarrhea from the Troll in Chief making it to the front page...

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