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Comment Re:Preventing Ludited (Score 2) 164

In a Hotel the quality of the rooms, the safety of the Hotel, and the honesty of your hosts are all regulated so they are at least at a minimal level

With AirBnB none of this is true ... and the only comeback you have is to a company who really does not care ...

Generally it will not lower property values but raise them, as people who cannot afford the house on their incoming supplement it with AirBnB pricing you out of the market ....

Comment Re:Possible explanation (Score 1) 85

I hope they monitored all the UFO sightings, checked which ones could be explained by the USA's and allies own secret craft, and the know Soviet tests, then used the information to get some idea where else the Soviets were testing their experimental aircraft and to get some idea of the capabilities of the ones they really wanted to keep secret ...


Comment Already fitness aware (Score 1) 156

These are users who are already using and wearing Microsoft Band before they started playing Pokemon Go, so they were already worried about their fitness, and already had a device to monitor this

So playing Pokemon Go encourages people to walk more than a fitness monitoring band... and so these are useless ...?

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