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Comment Re:Errors are not Errors (Score 1) 176

Unless it actually understands what is being said then it will always make mistakes that result in gibberish

If they are saying that they have cracked this, then they have strong AI, and should be announcing it to the worlds press ... (they haven't)

They have added some syntax and grammar rules... just like everybody else ...

Comment Re:Cue the doubters, every step of the way (Score 1) 249

iPod. .. an MP3 player that was no better than the already existing competition, used an applauding app to upload, was more expensive than the competition

It was not unique, it was using tried and tested and already available technology

It failed in every way except in marketing ... ...Hyperloop is doing some things that are tried and tested, and not doing them well
      and some things that are not tried and tested and doing them badly

Comment ..except it doesn't (Score 1) 302

Some contractors used Windows XP or Windows 7 on laptops but the warship uses a custom built hardened version of Windows "Windows for Warships" it is mostly based on Windows 2000 server ...

This is much the same as the US fleet, which uses a mixture of Windows 2000 and Windows NT based custom systems ...

Comment Re:Python is doing well, but JS is ahead. (Score 1) 808

Javascript is a web scripting language, that can be used as a general scripting language ...not really comparable

C/C++ is used in all these industries..and more
Your Python interpreter is written in C/C++ ..
The operating system you are running your Python interpreter on is written in C/C++

Comment Re:Preventing Ludited (Score 2) 164

In a Hotel the quality of the rooms, the safety of the Hotel, and the honesty of your hosts are all regulated so they are at least at a minimal level

With AirBnB none of this is true ... and the only comeback you have is to a company who really does not care ...

Generally it will not lower property values but raise them, as people who cannot afford the house on their incoming supplement it with AirBnB pricing you out of the market ....

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