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Submission + - Torrentspy court ordered to log users.

palewook writes: "Unsealed on June 8th, a May 29th court decision, reveals Torrentspy is now under court order to keep user logs. The logs will record visitors and track user activity. Ira Rothken, TorrentSpy's attorney, has until June 12th to file an appeal. Torrentspy's Privacy Policy has not been updated to reflect the court order because the site is still fighting the court order."

Submission + - SoundExchange: Billion Dollar Administrative Fee

palewook writes: "On June 7th, Yahoo, RealNetworks, Pandora, and Live365 sent letters to US lawmakers emphasizing they owe SoundExchange "administrative fees" of more than $1 billion dollars a year for collecting the increased CRB royalities effective July 15th unless the Internet Radio Equality Act passes Congress. SoundExchange, the non-profit music industry entity, admits the levied charge of $500 per "channel" is supposed to only cover their administrative costs. Last year, SoundExchange collected a total of $20 million dollars from the Internet radio industry. Examining the new "administrative fee", means that RealNetworks which hosted 400,000 unique subscribed channels in 2006, would owe an annual administrative charge of 200 million dollars in addition to the retroactive 2006 rate hike per song played."
The Internet

Submission + - iPredict a Cease-and-Desist letter.

palewook writes: Last week, MSNBC debuted a new service on their news site. Rex Sorgatz, Executive Producer at MSNBC.com, calls the service, "answers visualized over time". The service, iPredict is aggregated news. Propelled by user's votes with annotated changes in the news story marked on a graph. IPredict resembles a Statistical Process Control graph compressed into a timeline covering topical news headlines. Presently, MSNBC has yet to ask the risky questions using the service. When should the USA leave Iraqi? Should Paris have been released? When will Apple send a Cease-and-Desist letter over the name?

Submission + - Photosynth: the Microsoft & BBC 3D image exhib

palewook writes: MicroSoft's Photosynth project unveiled an exhibit containing three-dimensional images of Ely Cathedral, Burghley House, Royal Crescent, Bath, Blackpool Ballroom, Scottish Parliament Building, and Trafalgar Square. The visualizations are compiled from numerous photos stitched over digital wireframes. And will be featured in the BBC series, "How We Built Britain."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - How big will iPhone become?

palewook writes: "Combine an iPod with a BlackBerry, toss in the Apple marque and Apple's marketing power, what do you get? Around 2009, when the lower cost version of iPhone appears, Business Week believes the yearly market for iPhones will be over 10 billion dollars a year. Its an interesting prediction, if those numbers come to pass, iPhone could become 10% of Apple's yearly market cap."
The Internet

Submission + - Safemedia's CEO tells Congress, he can stop P2P.

palewook writes: Yesterday, Safwat Fahmy appeared in front of the House Science and Technology Committee. During Fahmy's testimony, he claimed Safemedia's "P2P Disaggregator" technology uses traffic-shaping systems and network-filtering systems that can destroy contaminated P2P networks. And Clouseau will make it impossible to send or receive any illegal P2P transmission on any installed network. However, Clouseau allows tunneling and SSH and never opens packets to determine file legality.

Submission + - New version of Democracy Player released

Palewook writes: The last version of Democracy Player, version 0.9.6 and the final beta, was released early this morning. Democracy player does: AVI, MPRG, Quicktime, WMV, XVID, RSS, BitTorrent, High Definition, your playlists, 100s of free channels built-in, YouTube, Yahoo Video, and other sites. Versions are available for GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows. This is the open source internet video player which received the $100000 Mozilla grant last week. The nonprofit group which produces the player is also hiring for several positions.

Submission + - 24 + 4 = 3 years

palewook writes: TorrentFreak reports a man who uploaded 4 episodes of 24 to a youtube type site, LiveDigital.com, faces 3 years in the federal pen.

Submission + - Fight the machine.

palewook writes: Arstechnica posted that an RiAA defendant is going after the 'RIAA for fraud, conspiracy, and extortion.'

Submission + - Coming to a dorm near you?

palewook writes: LG ELECTRONICS INC applied for a patent on a washing machine that features a built in MP3 player with usb functionality.

Submission + - world's largest radio telescope could lose funding

palewook writes: Space.com reports Engineers will travel to Arecibo, Puerto Rico in coming weeks to study whether to shut down the world's largest radio telescope, which was featured in the movie "Contact'' but now faces steep budget cuts observatory officials said Thursday.

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