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Comment Re:Because (Score 1) 199

Because spending your life trying to reform government is a good substitute for just not buying a product. Those are the two models of human interaction under discussion. Don't like a business, walk away from the transaction and be free of it. Don't like government, spend many years trying (and probably failing) to enact reforms. But you guys still think government is a better way for people to interact. So any reforms have to be enacted into a headwind of delusional fanaticism.

Comment Re: You shouldn't have to depend on hackers. (Score 2) 88

And this is where Nintendo comes in. They didn't call their system a video game system, they called it a toy, not to be sold in the now-banned video game section of the store, but where all the toys were.

That's some cute revisionism, but it's not exactly accurate. After the crash, Nintendo first attempted to position themselves as a full-fledged computer system. This failed, for various reasons. Following that, they then marketed their console as an "entertainment system" which was, as you say, listed as a "toy". However, all of your feminist editorialising is mostly bullshit; the idea that "toys have to be marketed either to boys or girls" is complete nonsense, which you could easily discover by walking into the nearest Walmart. There are entire sections of toys dedicated to things like puzzles, board games, science kits, and various other educational games, none of which are marketed to any particular gender.

I'll concede that Nintendo may have targeted boys specifically. I have no recollection of such a campaign, but I was very young at the time so I may simply not have noticed it. But the idea that they HAD to do so due to some quirk in how toys are marketed is complete nonsense. Moreover, those of us who went to purchase a Nintendo system knew exactly what we were getting: a video game conaole. I didn't beg my parents to buy me a "boys toy"; I wanted a fucking video game system, and that's how I got my first NES.

Comment Re: You shouldn't have to depend on hackers. (Score 5, Interesting) 88

It's to prevent the 99% of people who won't bother to learn or take the time to hack their system.

99% won't learn, but they don't need to; as a 15 year old kid I made a booming business out of helping others modify their PlayStation consoles to play pirated discs, and then made more money selling them the actual games.

The majority of their user base might remain ignorant, but that's completely irrelevant as long as the users have access to a few guys who know what they're doing.

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