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Comment Re:Is there any actual benefit to that schedule? (Score 1) 156

What's insane is that they decided they still need an 8-hour day. Why not 6 hours with a 3-hour break in the middle? I bet it would be more productive (if not at least equal) than 8 hours with a 1-hour break in the middle.

Hell, most people in the US are working at least an 8 hour day, and not taking a lunch break, but instead eating at their desks.

I"m glad I work from home now...yes, I eat at my "work place"...but I now have freedom to do it in my own kitchen, or if I wanna really have fun, I can fire up the smoker in the back yard in the morning, and low and slow cook a brisket and have ready for dinner, or rotisserie a chicken on the ceramic cooker out back...for lunch.

I do like being able to do that, and with a headset on, you can teleconference while you're sautéing something on the stove.

But wow...taking 3 hours off from work during the day....sounds nice, but if I were gone that long from work..I'd NOT want to come back and would have a hard time getting my mindset back on work again.

Comment Re:Linux. (Score 1) 263

That's pretty much where I'm at. There's always something that drives me back to Windows. My most recent attempt had serious problems with dual-booting, plus I wasn't happy with Libre Office. I could fix the first by getting a dedicated Linux-only box, but I'd still have the other problem.

Comment Re:Has the short lived ban been consequential at a (Score 1, Insightful) 79

Yes, the travel from muslim countries is now just a fraction of it used to be and it will stay that way, since nobody wants to run the risk of buying a plane ticket, booking a holiday and getting a visa, just to have entry refused at the last moment.

And this has affected life in the US exactly how??

Hmm....so far, it looks like we haven't missed them any.

Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 2) 288

The real question is how long these phones will be supported and what will happen to them once they are force upgraded to a new OS version. Will they still be useful then?

I don't tend to change phones very often...

My first smart phone was the iPhone 3GS.

I kept that till I upgraded it to the iPhone 6SPlus....if that gives you any indication how long they will last and be useful....

Comment Re:Bike Kits (with Free Assembly) (Score 1) 696

I suspect that there will soon be a lot of bike kits for sale where you purchase the frame and wheels separately. Quick release wheels are a doddle to attach so they could even offer free assembly.

Hm....would kind of be like doing 95% lowers for guns and rifles....they sell you a kit with the lower (that's the part with serial number that is "officially" a gun in the governments eyes)....and the jig so you can finish the last 5% milling out with a drill press, etc.

Example (read towards the bottom of the page)

After that you just get all the other parts to assemble it, which are completely unregulated.

This gets out of some taxes, but most of all, it is a legal weapon without a serial number, and no background check or other hassle from the government. It qualifies as a self made weapon and you don't have to register it, or anything. You can't sell it without having to then do the FFL registration thing, but you are free to possess and use it otherwise without the need for govt. interference..

Its always nice with government regulations, there's usually a way around it.

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