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Comment Re:Yes, go for it. (Score 1) 918

Funny, my salary more than doubled the day I quit pursuing that worthless piece of paper. Unless you want to get into hardcore computer SCIENCE stuff, and I mean like algorithmically complex shit or research, or you never actually had the hobby of electronics/computing as a child, a CS degree is largely worthless. You'll have a piece of paper that thousands of other talentless code monkeys have.

Comment Re:This is linux's strength, actually (Score 1) 904

I love puppet, a lot, but 40k is a bit of a high number for it. That's probably all cfengine's got going for it at this point, scalability. I think 5000 is the highest I've heard so far for puppet, and that's done at teh Google. Once puppet matures a bit more cfengine will be deprecated. For small shops, it already is.

Comment Re:It's pretty standard these days (Score 2, Informative) 329

rofl, no shit... moon was a hack. I haven't played in years but every drummer i knew usually made fun of keith moon for sounding like a drunken ape. My favorite modern drummer is probably adam deitch. That's just cause I like funk and jazz, but if you're interested, check out N'Yack off "Live in Tokyo" by Lettuce. Not only is the drum track superb, but every other track is sick, and it's live.

Comment Re:Mac is UNIX on the desktop (Score 1) 404

I read the whole thread, and realized that sounded far too douchebaggish the way I opened up. I think the spirit of the whole thread is in accordance: start on BSD and it will probably work everywhere, will take longer (devel time) and might look like shit due to 'standard' gnu functionality missing, but start on Linux and it will be a lot easier, quicker (devel time), and read better, but might shit itself on something more unixy... I award myself one internet for the greatest run-on sentence on all of slashdot that isn't a troll.

Comment Re:Mac is UNIX on the desktop (Score 1) 404

UHMMM you're contradicting yourself dude. "Most compatible Nix clone" with what, itself? That's not compatibility. That's Microsoft-style compatibility. And yea if you write something on Linux it probably shits itself on Solaris, that's because Linux and GNU in general hold your hand and make your life easier. People take simple stuff like grep -q for granted... I choose Linux specifically for this reason, and yes I love it too dude but try writing your shit on Solaris or FreeBSD, THEN moving it to Linux. Chances are it will work flawlessly. I don't just mean some sh-glue, I'm talking even freaking C code. I've personally witnessed Linux (well really gnu libs) let off-by-one errors happen in run time without segfaulting, Solaris totally says 'fuck you' immediately, and you get to fix your code so that it is actually right. Luckily, I don't worry about mixed environments anymore and I am that asshole that uses tons of bashisms and gnu-specific stuff everywhere.

Comment Re:suddenoutbreakofcommonsense (Score 1) 366

I might be using the wrong word (propaganda) it's more like the total lack of any accurate historic information on the topic being taught to children. It's always 'the potato famine' not the "engineered genocide" that it actually was. It's quite annoying to be irish american and go through world history class which makes next to no mention of what actually happened, while the jews and blacks get their places in the books. The scots and irish get nothing. This is what I have gone through since childhood. The british seem to have throughout history had a policy of systematically destroying the culture of anywhere they occupied because of their perceived superiority. A hungry man is a hungry man and a hungry mob is hungry mob; the IRA is a natural evolution of the oppression of people for thousand+ years. Restraint after a thousand+ years is an unreasonable request. Britain: get the fuck out of Ireland is a reasonable one.

Comment Re:suddenoutbreakofcommonsense (Score 1) 366

Misguided? Wrong. Sure I'm American but I am only american because of the genocide that the british perpetrated on the Irish, causing my family to emigrate. People talk about the 'famine' yet the english are shipping crops directly out of irish ports, after they pushed everybody to the brink of "fertile" (read: sand and rocks) land where only potatoes would work. And people attribute the blight itself to god, but to me it seems suspicious that a ship destined for some other country not so close to ireland that carried the blight landed in ireland. Furthermore, it was a fucking foreign occupation, much like the US invading fucking afghanistan. The potato 'famine' is LISTED as a genocide. Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocides_in_history#British_Ireland . I am sick of this fucking shit. The jews get theirs but england has never admitted to wrongdoing. The 60% you speak of WERE british to begin with, and IN northern ireland. I'm sick of this fucking propaganda, and have been since I was a child and taught what really happened.

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