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Comment Re:Labview (Score 1) 876

I'm sure it's all 3, and if someone worked on the code before you, then they are probably a 4th problem.

When I used Labview, it would get so messy and stringy that at some point I'd just say 'fuck it' and wrap up everything in a module (I forget what it's called). A nice looking little box with a few inputs and outputs that hides the horrible mess I'd made. Good for me, torture for anyone who used it after me. No one else could know what it was doing in there. A few years after I finished at that lab I saw that they were still using the Labview code I wrote. So yeah, I feel a bit bad.

Although, I guess I could wrap that up into your problem #3. Maybe it shouldn't have allowed me to pull such dirty tricks.

Comment As they should (Score 4, Insightful) 327

I'm too tired and drunk to remember or look up where I read this, but;
the US didn't recognize other country's IP until it became one of the countries that could profit from IP. IP isn't some universal law inherent to humanity, it's a social construct that's good for "advanced" countries. When the US didn't fit that category, they were happy to use Europe's inventions with no compensation.

Now, I'm not saying that IP is totally bad or useless, but there's no moral or legal reason why Antigua shouldn't go this route.

Comment the way games were meant to be played (Score 5, Insightful) 157

Nothing useful to say here, but since I know this will turn into an AMD vs Nvidia thing, I just wanted to share how sick I am of those frickin' unskippable 3-second-long Nvidia promos that play every damn time I start half of my games. That's the only thing I have against them, but it's starting to be really irritating.[/firstworldproblems]

Comment Re:Stallman ain't gonna be happy (Score 4, Insightful) 304

A person makes the argument that if it weren't for open-source software, proprietary products would likely cost more. You point out that a limited version of Visual Studio is free. How is that a counter-argument? If it weren't for open-source compilers and IDEs (which have existed since before 2003), do you think Visual Studio would still have a free version?

Comment Re:Stallman ain't gonna be happy (Score 4, Interesting) 304

Yeah and just as some say GIMP doesn't compare to Photoshop, Paint.NET doesn't compare to GIMP, which is a lot more than a photo editor. For instance, I draw with the GIMP on a Wacom tablet. Paint.NET, which doesn't have pressure sensitivity, is useless for me.

As for painful to use, well, that's just like, your opinion, man. Me and the GIMP get along just fine.

Comment Re:oblig (Score 2) 625

Indeed. People are always talking about job loss, like it's some terrible thing when, if were were dong this correctly, we should be happy. Who doesn't like less work? But if we keep this attitude that if you don't work then you don't eat, we'll go down the same road as in Manna.

Comment Re:Sadly, calculus is not all that useful... (Score 1) 134

So you never care about the rate that things are changing,or weighted averages? Calculus is the rule book for dynamic systems, and you say it's not useful? Shit man, I'm not in IT, but even a layman doing simple personal finances could benefit from knowing calculus.

Or maybe your job is just very applied without much background theory. Hmm.. This page seems to have a bit of calculus involved.

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