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Comment Re:OSS propaganda is good? (Score 3, Interesting) 116

Censorship by the American Government isn't that far fetched of an idea ... if you take the blinders off for a moment. What if the Internet Kill Switch proposal goes through, something happens to make the US government decide to disconnect Americans from the Internet and China offers a tool to help Americans reconnect to the 'Net?

Comment Re:Copyright Law Reform (Score 4, Insightful) 246

What is this "chance to defeat ACTA" of which you speak? The process has been specifically designed to keep us excluded it's too far along to change. At this point, the best we can hope for is wisdom from countries that are less concerned about the freedoms of their corporations and more concerned about the freedoms of their citizens.

Comment Re:Endorsement (Score 1) 412

Yep, well, when it cost less to produce a newspaper for the iPad than it does to print one and you have the balls to try and sell it for more than a printed newspaper, I'm sure you'd love the iPad as well ... at least until you find out that people aren't as dumb as you thought and they don't save your collapsing industry by buying into your inflated subscriptions.

Comment Re:Dear content producers... (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Yup. And yet, almost every major website with advertising has figured out a way to deliver ads that are not only localized, but also, and even better, targeted based on my browsing habits. If content distributors would take a moment to step into this century, they would realize that they don't have to license the content locally. All they need to do is to get local advertisers to *come to them* and then distribute the ads appropriately based on IP. They've already figured out how to *block* us geographically based on IP ... but, content distributors always seem good with technology when it comes to *pissing off* their customers.

Comment Re:Astroturf... (Score 1) 217

And, there is nothing remotely new in this. Marketing agencies have had paid actors posing as real customers for ever. Most of Apple's "Switchers" were paid to say so. All of Microsoft's laptop shoppers were paid to choose a laptop running Windows and complain about Apple.

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