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Comment Re:Privacy (Score 2, Interesting) 549

So far most of these new devices seem to have a huge tradeoff.. Privacy. There are very few apps on my iPod touch that allow me to keep my stuff within the confines of my home; especially if I am on the road and not on my own netwok. Until these privacy concerns are addressed I would hope PCs survive, otherwise the tech industry has done a monumental disservice to everyone. This all sums up my main dislike for Apple.

You are in the minority. I'm sorry.

We need a major privacy catastrofuck to educate the masses or sway public opinion. Even then, you're fighting cheap convenience.

Comment Re:The fun is in the simplicity (Score 2, Informative) 322

I think my point is that Minesweeper has been sitting on nearly every desktop in the world, from Windows 3 (1990) to Windows 7 (2010). Other games have not. QED Minesweeper has far wider "coverage" to borrow a term from Nielsen television.

But if Windows users had the choice of the two, Minesweeper or Tetris, automatically available to them, I'm confident that Tetris would win hands down.

What was Peter playing in OfficeSpace? Not Minesweeper.

Comment Re:population sample (Score 1) 309

Czjzek's team compared the microbial genomes of 13 Japanese people with those of 18 North Americans.

If I used this many test subjects in my job I would get fired.

They don't even let me use test subjects in my job. Even after assuring them that most won't die.

Yeah, this recession has made it hard for most IT departments to get test subjects...

Comment Re:Anyone with more info? (Score 1) 135

Agreed. The press release states that Secuina "...announced that their renowned authenticated internal vulnerability scanner ... has been integrated with ... WSUS..."

Is this third party patch management or just a vulnerability scanner built in to WSUS?

Scanning is neat, but it would be one hell of a lot nicer if I could make sure Flash & Java are updated as easily as the latest Windows updates.

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