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Comment Re:Worked for corporations... (Score 2, Interesting) 641

Corporations are run by and owned by people, not by machines. They are treated as legal persons for very good reasons that go back hundreds of years for certain purpose. The Citizen United case was about speech, which the First Amendment allows regardless of the source. (Seriously, read the 1st Amendment. It just says "speech.") People also have freedom of association rights and their individual rights don't go away when they form groups.

Do you think the New York Times or Slashdot can get censored because the freedom of the press doesn't apply to them because they are owned by corporations?

Comment Re:It would be safer if cyclists followed traffic (Score 1) 947

I'll confess to going through red lights. Not all of them though. But ones where there is not any pedestrian or car traffic. Also, in lower Manhattan there is a section I go through where it is less dangerous to go through the red lights. If I had to go through that when it was green, I would be constantly near cars trying to run me over. Going through the reds in this one area allow me to get ahead of stuck traffic and not get run over.

My suggestion would be to change the law to have bicycles stop at red lights and proceed if there is no traffic or pedestrians going through.

For the vast majority of my trip, I'm in a physically separated bike path and I'm all for that.

Comment Re:How Safe Is Cycling? (Score 1) 947

I've been bicycling in Manhattan for about 3 months or so now. There needs to be rules that make sense for bicycling. They aren't pedestrians and they aren't quite cars.

I'm thinking stopping at a red light and continuing if it makes sense to do so.

Comment if you don't have money, you're in trouble (Score 2) 48

If you have money, you can mount a legal defense. If you don't have money, prosecutors can absolutely destroy you and your life even if you are innocent. There was a book detailing how everyone commits felonies because the federal criminal code, along with regulatory stuff, is so complex. It was called "Three Felonies a Day."

Basically, if a prosecutor wants to put you in jail, you're toast.

So good for Cuban.

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