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Comment Re:get rid of shitty teachers (Score 1) 373

Anecdotally, a community college professor in my area (who holds a PhD) was fired because his classes were "too interactive", and he allowed students to "ask too many questions". To me, it sounds like he was doing his job: Helping the students learn.

This reminds me of one of the best teachers I ever had in high school. My finance teacher had one policy with his students; if you ask a question, he will answer it to the best of his abilities. He barely planned anything for each day - just a quick run through of some finance topic. Honestly, each topic would probably take no more than 20-30 minutes. However, since he answered every, and I mean every, question he was asked, that topic would form the basis of a conversation with our teacher that was fun, laid back, and extremely educational. We probably had 4 tests in that class, and almost no gradable work, yet I feel I learned more in that class (that was considered to be a "blowoff") than I learned in my very work heavy psychology class. I hear the administration is cracking down on him - he needs to produce "results". I always thought his results were knowledgeable students. Now I know better.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 254

They failed only in that they did not respect one of the primary laws of RPGs; if it has stats, it can be defeated.

Rather than actually flooding that room with the 'radiated' property, which interacts with with, as many have noted, your rad resistance and what not, they should have created a new property; 'deadly radiation' or something. Upon entering the room, your radcounter should have been overridden to 'off the scale,' and here's the important part, regardless of radresistance or any other perk, skill, equipment, or anything. Your POV should have fallen instantly to the floor, and you should have had only the ability to crawl slowly to the keyboard. Your hands should have appeared in front of you, with a crawling animation, with the skin visibly cooking, peeling, sloughing off. This should also have acted as a timer for how long you have to actually get to the damn keyboard. It should have been possible to die on the way there (maybe it is at the moment, but I don't think so.)

Couple things. Firstly, while going into the room does make your rad counter go apeshit, its the ensuing explosion that kills you - not the radiation itself. That's not really that big of a deal, and it was stupid of them to do it like that... so non-Fallout, but I digress.

Secondly, with regards to your crawling idea, I very much so like it, however, its pretty foreign to the rest of the game. At no point is your control ever taken from you; its a conscious decision made by Bethesda. It really makes you feel as if you are the person in the game, not just the camera or what have you. It really limits Bethesda in some areas - conversations, for instance, all invariably suck (aside from the dialogue, which is often humorous, or realistic, etc.) as they are so rigid. Mass Effect, for instance, I feel did a much better job with their conversations - however, it's pretty clear that that's Shephard talking there, not YOU. So to remove the players control, and their sense of that person in the game being them, would probably never happen and would probably feel very forced.

That's not to say there aren't much better ways to have done it. Just wanted to point out a couple of things.

Comment Re:Gaming is a poor spectator 'sport'... (Score 1) 116

Why? Because gaming, especially at the highest levels, is way more fun when you are actually playing. Gaming, to me, is all about the adrenaline rush that you get when you're storming a base, or grabbing quad damage, or fighting back to win a round when it's 1v3. Spectating, to me, is for losers. Spectating is what I did back in high school when I lost a round of Street Fighter II and had to sit and wait for my turn in a rotation of friends.

Football is boring to spectate. Why? Because football, especially at the highest levels, is way more fun when you are actually playing. Football, to me, is all about the adrenaline rush when you make that 3rd and long pass, or the breakaway run, or the clutch sack. Spectating, to me, is for benchwarmers. Spectating is what I did back in high school when I wasn't the biggest or fastest and had to sit and wait until we were up by 21 in the fourth quarter.

Comment Re:My write in (Score 1) 471

I had to look up that attempt at a meme... I should have guessed it is from 4chan/b/ since it isn't funny, and has no intellectual appeal for anyone above perhaps fourteen.

I miss the days when /. had its own lame memes, and didn't have to import them from a bunch of adolescents. At least then the memes were fitting of the medium, meaning somewhat dorky.

Yes, I too miss the clearly adult memes of Natalie Portman (featuring Hot Grits), In Soviet Russia, Cowboy Neal, and Sharks with frickin' laser beams.

Maybe it's just me, but perhaps you're confusing the Slashdot community with another one. At the very least you've painted an overly pretty and geeky picture of this community - geeks are just as stupid and adolescent as anyone else.

Or maybe you just broke your funny bone. You should probab

Comment What is the World Wide Web? (Score 0, Troll) 239

I've wondered this often, and often looked up articles about it. However, I'm still stumped. Yes, I understand that it is a "network of networks" - but how does it work? What the hell is a DNS server? I get how my home network works (vaguely) - IP addresses/subnets are assigned, and the computers communicate with the router and vice versa. However, once you extrapolate this to the web, I'm lost. Could a helpful slashdotter please give some sort of explanation? The Wikipedia article is kind of over my head in some spots, and completely unhelpful in others. It'd be real helpful to read an explanation from a real person.

Comment Re:Sad! Another misplaced priority (Score 1) 374

What file formats are you talking about? I've never ran into (or even heard of) that problem, but then again, maybe I'm just uninformed (if so, please, enlighten me). However, the issue of dozens of different charging connectors is one that almost every phone owner has run into. Ever forget your charger when you're leaving on a vacation? You're SOL. Need a quick charge at your friends house? Better pray his charger is compatible with your phone. Furthermore, it essentially forces you to purchase chargers from your phone company, who often charge ridiculous prices for the things.

Personally, this is a problem I've wanted to see solved since I first began using cellular phones. It's just stupid that there isn't a standard for this.

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