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Comment Re:In principle, yes. (Score 1) 427

Schools won't allow kids to programme with languages that can, potentially, harm systems and networks.
In that respect, it may be worth teaching kids VB for Office (although it's still possible to write to the HDD and open sockets iirc), since most kids are almost guaranteed to be exposed to office at some point in their career, especially if they choose a desk job it might prove useful to those who don't really want to programme for a living.

Which is one more reason why the Raspberry Pi boards are such a good idea. And if not that one in particular, something similar.
Hardware self contained.. Check.
IT support.. Not needed.
Network access.. Zero.
Access to the same environment at home..Check. Take it out of your bag and plug it into the TV. Done.
Problem solved. And it's cheap. It runs free software, so no big expensive per seat licensing. And is essentially a breakable cheap programming platform. Under £20 to replace is hardly the end of the world if little Johnny loses it.

Since any languages taught would have to be vetted for system safety, besides locking them into MS Office (which is a seriously chilling idea to any programmer), I can only think of Javascript as the perfect language to teach kids. For all its faults, atleast people actually use Javascript to make things.

Python, C Java, XML HTML, In other words.. Pretty much anything that will run on Linux. IDE or text editor..Your choice. All free.

And how exactly is MS Office a contained safe environment? Didn't Office have a whole lot of macro viruses a few years ago?

Add the recent move to stop teaching office,and start teaching computer literacy by UK schools, and the pieces are falling into place quite nicely.

This is going to happen. Despite the imaginary problems and over inflated issues.
It doesn't require a 100% success rate, any more than English is expected to turn out 100% authors and poets. .
It doesn't need to turn out industry ready programmers, any more than a biology A level is going to be any use to someone applying to join a medical practice.

And as no exam is sat at the end, the teacher can concentrate on teaching instead of passing exams.

Comment Re:Sticking is the problem (Score 1) 220

Therefore I doubt people will *pay* for beta music services.

But why not? DRM free, because who is going to bother with DRM these days. Linked into Android, Chrome, other assorted things. Why would people not buy the music?

Why not use Amazon to download music as an alternative to iTunes. It works on many apps and has cloud storage.

Well personally, the one time I used it.. Which was on the UK launch day..
1) Required a special music manager to be downloaded. Which I didn't like.
2) Only offered mid range MP3 quality. All my music is either FLAC or 320k MP3.
3) One shot downloads. So if anything happens to the music, tough shit.

Which is why I use 7Digital.
1) No application, just download a zip file with the album.
2) 320k MP3 files.
3) Download as many times as I like, because the purchase is tied to my account for as long as it is active.

Spotify is well advanced and I can play it anywhere, but there catalog is also not as complete as iTunes I suppose. My far by favorite. I sold Pandora stock once I reliazed how far superior Spotify is.

No service will ever be 100% complete. Because there is no global central clearing house for music where each one has full access. Go outside any country for music, and you run into problems with global distribution.

As streaming services become more established, they will get more content, because holding back from a sales opportunity is pretty stupid. Right now, they are a new scary thing for the music industry to contend with.

Comment Re:Battery problem? (Score 1) 315

Are you really arguing with Apple about a problem they found on one of their own products? How come?

It's the fanboy equivalent of divide by zero. The knee jerk reaction to blame improper use or "haters" is so incredibly strong that they perform an act that would otherwise be heresy. Disagreeing with the church.

Comment Re:Streisand Effect (Score 1) 943

So, everyone is arguing about somone not wanting to release their property?

No.. Few, if any are arguing.. We are mostly laughing at someone who would no doubt have triumphantly spammed everywhere with the "proof evolution is a crock" debate had he won, but is refusing to publish it because he lost. And happens to share the views of the university that hosted the debate.

One of the true signs of a flawed argument is the reluctance to accept non cherry picked information.

Comment Re:How can they even know? (Score 1) 226

From what I understand about how easily patents on extremely general ideas on technology, how can anyone know what design is going to infringe on a patent? I don't see how anyone can write a design specification with one of the ground rules being to not infringe on a specific company's patent.

Which is generally the point every anti patent proliferation supporter has been arguing.

How can you know how a given patent will be interpreted by a court?

Take it to court.

Comment Re:I'd believe it... (Score 4, Informative) 337

It's always been a mystery to me why I can eat and enjoy something so toxic that I have to wear rubber gloves to prepare them.

Mystery solved.
The chemical that causes the heat sensation also triggers endorphins. So pleasure is experienced.

Toxic?.. Not sure about that. Irritant definitely. The juice on your fingers can lead to unpleasant side effects, depending where you touch.. But hardly deadly, unless you are eating some kind of concentrated industrial strength chilli. And realistically.. The super hot chills are not really intended for direct human consumption.

Comment Re:This Will Mean A World of Trouble (Score 1) 195

When kids start making little plastic replicas of their favorite cartoon heroes, the copyright and trademark thugs will be all over this thing. I can already see Disney's lawyers salivating.

Yeah.. Like the way they banned paper and pencils from sale as copyright infringement tools.. And then banned 2D printers because of all the colouring book revenue they lost..
(looks over beside monitor at cup of pencils sitting on a sheaf of printer paper beside my printer)

Oh wait..

Comment Re:Stallman and FOSS (Score 1) 1452

I've never been able to understand why these periodic "Stallman says something many people don't like" stories always involve so much strawmanning and apparent confusion. Like him or not, Stallman has been highly consistent for decades in his take on all things software freedom.

Simple. Because to refute his statements, you need an equally sound argument. And lets be totally honest here. The same phenomena is apparent when ever GPL gets argued against by the hoards of people who seem to suddenly believe in freedom being a context free word. Unless it applies to their code, which is the only code that is allowed to be kept secret.

What you are seeing is feigned confusion, character assassination, and wilful ignorance.

Reality.. In RMS's world view. They are out of business. And have no way of selling a product to people based on lock ins and artificial exclusivity.

Shockingly enough, he isn't a big fan of the man who built what is perhaps the most powerful walled-garden presently in operation... I don't understand why that is a surprise...

He took the name of the holy one in vain. He said unpositive things about Apple. What more do you want.
Walk into a fundamentalist church service with a "Jesus was Gay" tee shirt, and you get a similar reaction.
Surely you have noticed how poorly pod people take any criticism of the precious? Or the precious's daddy..

Comment Re:music (Score 1) 263

For the same reason someone needs to make instruments for them to play, and microphones for them to sing into, and provide equipment for them to be recorded on. Nobody can do it all.

Not all musicians are able to do all things all along the track from creation of equipment to releasing the finished song. In fact, nobody can do it all.

To follow your logic, why do singers sing songs that they did not write themselves?

Mixing other work into something new is a musical style. Personally, it does nothing for me, but that does not mean I can dismiss it as worthless to anybody.

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