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United States

Journal Journal: Rand pudge wants to violate the constitution 1

"Liar!", you say?

The 14th Amendment specifically states' "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

And my main man says, children born to undocumented parents should not get citizenship.. That would be a direct violation.. We can't have that now, can we? However, I am very interested in how he might pull it off without another amendment.. Fun times ahead...

United States

Journal Journal: Rand pudge speaks out 1

He doesn't understand that we need civil rights legislation because the country is full of racists.. And when a state doesn't provide equal protection as required, then the people have to go over its head and get help from somebody with a bit more muscle, the feds. Not that it really worked, all sorts of people were able to poison it, so that now we're having that 150 year old debate all over again.

Funny how these guys (remember these are the same ones who tell you there are more blacks in prison because they commit are more crime) are more upset about having to serve a black man at the restaurant, or worse, sell him a box of ammo than they are over, say, abusive patent and copyright law, or ag, oil, tobacco subsidies... prohibition... COINTELPRO... the war... why the government hates Louisiana... so many things... yet here they are, wanting to bring back Jim Crow... No, you're not racist... not at all.... The hell you aren't...

United States

Journal Journal: Rand Pudge 1


And here's a shout out to Shakrai.. Welcome to my exclusive club. You and your friend there are a matched set. Heh, I guess that shot across the bow somehow hit midships below the waterline. Cool.. Y'all be good now, hea?


Journal Journal: The king of distraction 1

is complaining about distraction? I detect a glitch in the matrices... What, you thought there was only one?

Question: Are journal entries supposed to be capitalized like book titles?


Journal Journal: Take my pudge..please!

He is not to be taken seriously. The whole style is too mechanical to believe it's for real.. But if you want to make an argument against majority rule, you can never go wrong by pointing his direction, and all the other ditto heads, and the kind of people they would, and have put into office. Wow! It's hard to believe that it's been over 30 yeas ago since the country went insane. And that despite the warning shot across the bow 13 years previous. Wonder if he was alive then, or he's just reading from his "history" books.. or maybe his daddy sat him on his knee and told him about the great and wonderful Oz.. or about winning one for the zipper.. Hard to say..


Journal Journal: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! 4

My dearest of friends, you just answered his question in the most elegant form possible. Hat's off to to you, sir, and all of you for such a triumphant piece of work. Absolutely marvelous! I'm sorry I missed it.. Must've been hungover that week.

and Dear Friend, think of the new year as a sign of hope, as the days get longer once again, of the new spring, and bountiful season ahead. Not only do you seem angry, but also depressed. Or have you fooled me once again with great.. actiiing..


Journal Journal: I swear that wasn't me 8

But the response was so... Hmmm. know what? Nevermind... Actually it was pretty dumb. I just remembered what it reminded me of... In name anyway.. In fact, it goes way back

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