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Comment Re:Pot Calling The Kettle A Racist Word (Score 1) 360

1) It's a shame you didn't contact some news outlets with your information. 2) It's a shame you didn't request a refund to your fee after the ruling. 3) What were you expecting from a company that makes ugly, budget products and sells them for dirt cheap?

I was dumb enough to buy an Acer LCD TV about 6.5 years ago. I've regretted it every day since.

Comment Nicely done (Score -1, Offtopic) 206

Make a product that's as big as, and probably still costs much less than an Apple product, and make a fortune selling it to people who want Apple products but can't afford them.

On an unrelated note, why is it that I can post 50 comments that are modded up or just stay at 1 (assuming unmodded), yet a single post that's marked as a troll, by butthurt people, knocks my "excellent" karma down to "good", seemingly permanently?

Comment Re:Failed business model. (Score 1) 276

Development costs. 100 people working for 2 yeras isn't cheap.

You've gone on to list other things that aren't relevant in the least. He was saying that development is what costs a fortune, and it doesn't (even if you double their pay, and I know they don't get paid that much). Ignoring the small cost of development, if you look at how much money is made from a single game, all of the other costs still don't add up to a loss. Companies like EA wouldn't exist if they were losing money on every game. Small companies that sell only in the thousands of tens of thousands of units wouldn't be making games if they were only making losses on every game.

Comment Re:Failed business model. (Score 2) 276

Let's just say those 100 developers are making $20/hour (I don't know how much they really get paid), and they all work for 40 hours every week for two years.


How much money does this game, that has 100 developers and takes two years to code, make? When this game sells a few million copies at $80, what kind of profit will it have made?

Looks like developing a game is pretty inexpensive, after all.

Comment Re:Absolutely! Down with 'used' products! (Score 1) 276

completely different marketplace with completely different goods and a completely different price and selling structure

How do any of those things you listed differ between buying and selling games, cars or houses, other than goods themselves? Can you not buy or sell a house for $1? Do you not exchange money or other property to acquire either of those? Can I not purchase a car for $200? What happens when I purchase two or three brand new games, do they magically cost less than $140-$210 just because they are games?

Try thinking, next time, before posting retarded shit.

Comment Disgusting (Score 1) 705

None of these retards have heard of vegetables or grains? Quinoa is a complete protein food source, so it's not like anyone can whine about not "gettin' yer protains". Also, two little cups of cooked quinoa contain the entirety of an adult's daily iron needs. Vegetables cover everything else you need, by far.

PS: Get some sun, it's good for you.

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