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Comment Randomness is Vital (Score 4, Interesting) 415

This type of decision making might simply be an evolutionarily-selected random seeding.

For example, when running an evolutionary algorithm, it is vital to have randomness seeded into the mix. This allows for the system or algorithm to escape from local maxima.

Douglas Adams had a great quote at the end of one of his last lectures regarding humans' re-invention of everything - nothing is ever 'good enough':

Perhaps this is all that just random, unpredictable outcomes from a horrendously complex system we call the brain, which has emerged out of a random, unpredictable and horrendously complex universe.

Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 305

Done correctly, the delay could be on par with the delay inherent in the wiimote - which is noticeable to the observant- but completely doable.

now, of course, add the wireless controller delay AND the streaming delay and a problem does arise.

Some games would be more tolerant to this UI lag - but FPS and sim games would definitely be affected.

A plus side of this in respect to shooters and real-time action games, is that in a multiplayer environment all client data is server-side, making hacking much more difficult, and aim-bots and such practically impossible.

Was just discussing the feasibility of this not long ago actually: streaming a game experience to your system.

There are ways to mitigate the problem - like have your cockpit/gun view still client side, but stream the 3d world with a little extra visual data on the periphery.

Comment Expectations (Score 2, Interesting) 523

I read the comic, and will say that I enjoyed the movie more.

The book was of course more nuanced, and more interesting - but I'm a sucker for visuals (and it was a comic book to start with, so visual is obviously an important aspect for Watchmen).

I found the changes to the story to be tasteful, and I thought the imagery was spectacular.

I have a very good talent at going into movies with no, or at least very few, expectations. This is good because I generally enjoy movies more: This is bad because I tend to enjoy movies I guess I shouldn't have (whatever that means).

The few reasons I watch movies for:

1) Visuals and Imagery - it is a big screen, after all

2) New Ideas, Insight - movies are a great way to convey these.

I guess that's it actually. Those two reasons would explain why I pretty much just watch sci-fi and documentaries.

of course, I love comedies as well, but only the select few (generally the uber-popular ones at that).

Comment Re:Life savings? (Score 1) 902

Many couples have spent their life savings caring for a sick child - I view this as preventative medicine.

So the technology which allows selection for conditions also means parents can also choose hair color and such, what's the big deal?

If I get a cast for a broken arm, what's wrong with choosing a cool color too?

Still, in my moderate mode I must agree that the shallowness of individuals affecting the future of another person is sad, but as I phrased it there, it should be evident that this is nothing new.

Comment Facepalm: Face-600stackof-legal documents (Score 3, Funny) 102

These 500+ page bills; how is it arguable that documents of that length are not asinine? I recently tried to read the Microsoft privacy statement and EULA for Office (kind of paltry legal docs, relatively speaking) and gave up after 10 minutes.

Something akin to cognitive dissonance had arisen, and like I do with any document/book which causes that - I tossed it.

I can understand when computer code achieves a size like this, or scientific studies, but really - law becomes more and more esoteric, even while it becomes slower and slower to adapt to modern technological and subsequent social conventions.

I await that hoped-for day when that mythical AI which is trillions of times smarter (or at least has trillions of times the patience and time) than us looks through these, to it, crayon drawings, and distills the circular reasonings, contradictions and plain nonsense into a succinctly digestible form understandable to that mythical 'reasonable person' so that we can all have a good laugh. ...or until it launches legions of red glowing-eyed, humanoid military robots to wipe us out.

Either outcome is fine with me.

Comment Re:As much as I love space (Score 1) 62

Taking a military standpoint is a way to make progress.

Every day thousands take much greater than 5% risks undertaking missions far less glamorized, and perhaps really far less important than space exploration.

5% risk in a life-saving operation sounds ideal given the alternative. After all, in reality, isn't space exploration a life saving operation?

Comment Re:Neat (Score 1) 210

Thank goodness for you math geeks.

I'm a big singularity hopeful - however I must admit, begrudgingly, that there seems to be quite a bit of confirmation bias amongst the singularity luminaries.

I had seen this function, but couldn't recall the name.

A beautiful (and strongly supported) counter-example to run-away, or perpetual, exponential growth.

After all, in my mind at least it makes sense to draw at least some analogy between speciation & population growth and technologic progress & adoption.

I just hope the curve doesn't peeter-out before we can develop a mind just baaaarely smarter than us. that's all I think we need.

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