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Comment Re:Would MAC address filtering counter this proble (Score 1) 584

You catch someone doing something like this, and you put them under arrest yourself and then hope they resist, at which point you may use necessary force to subdue them. In California, anyway. Bring a witness with a camera.

Almost. You beat his ass first and then figure out how to blame it on him. In Texas, anyway. Bring a shotgun.

Comment CIA Cookbook? (Score 5, Funny) 119

Mix 5 drams copper acetol arsenate. 3 ounces acetone and add 1 pint amyl alcohol (fusil-oil). Heat in water bath — steam rising will dissolve the sealing material of its mucilage, wax or oil.... Do not inhale fumes.

This recipe is terrible, and tastes like shit. Conclusion: The CIA's cooking sucks.

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