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Comment There is not a "best"... (Score 1) 222

... And anyone who promises you that there is, does not understand the problem space.

CMS work is all about fit-to-purpose. Best for $0? Best at serving to HTML, docx and PDF from a single source? Best at delivering atomic content? Best at personalization? Best content author experience? WCM or ECM?

Suggest you start to read CMSWire, look at the material from Real Story Group (and consider buying one of their reports or request an engagement), read up on Karen McGrane's thoughts on API-delivered content, and the approach NPR used (VERY good, but no vendor does it this way).

There's no substitute for learning about the domain, and no other way to do it, other than hire a consultant who knows the domain and praying you got the right consultant. If you did get the right one, she'll make you answer many of the questions I ask above and more, and you'll probably have to learn about the domain anyway.

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