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Submission + - When GPL becomes Almost GPL - The CSS, Images and Javascript Loophole.

sobolwolf writes: It has been apparent for sometime that many developers (mainly theme designers) are split licensing PHP based Based GPL distributions, releasing proprietary files alongside GPL files with the excuse that CSS, Javascript and Images are "immunized" from the GPL due to the fact that they run in the browser and not on the server. This is almost always done to limit the distribution of the entire release, not just the proprietary items (most extensions will not function in any meaningful way without the accompanying CSS, Images and Javascript). Some of the more popular PHP based GPL projects like WordPress have gone as far as to apply sanctions to developers distributing split licensed themes/plugins while others such as Joomla have openly embraced the split licensed model, even to go as far as changing their extension directory submission rules to cater specifically to split licensed distributions.

In light of all this I would like to ask the following question: While it seems to be legal to offer split licensed GPL distributions, is it in the spirit of the GPL for a project such as Joomla (who's governing body has the motto "Open Source Matters") to openly embrace such a practice when they can easily require that all CSS, Images and Javascript be GPL (or GPL compatible) for extensions that are listed on the Joomla Extensions Directory?

Comment does php suck or do I (Score 1) 219

Really, the quality of PHP depends on the person writing it. Bad code is bad code in any language, PHP does not cause you to write bad code, the problem is you! PHP is the most popular scripting language, most servers support and more importantly, there is a ton of documentation and examples about. I really can't see why people hate it so much, I guess we are probably looking at some form of Fanboi war, apple vs m$ type bullshit. There are many ways to skin a cat (in regards to programming) with PHP being probably the most inexpensive way to achieve what you need to do on the server side. It is either this or use one of the "cool" languages and pay more... whatever

Comment Re:Navigation (Score 1) 192

"For example, if I want to handle AJAX responses, Drupal and WP each offer a simple hook to intercept program execution at a point between CMS setup (authentication, module initialization, etc.) and HTTP output (I need to output prior to any headers being sent out). Since I can use the same module file, I can preserve object context. Also, they each have a very simple CSV options/preferences system that abstracts the database behind a basic functional interface. In Joomla, I am forced to write an entire system plugin, and use a pretty hairy database "semaphore" system to communicate context. I also need to write a content plugin in order to allow a shortcode ability. In both Drupal and WP, the content filter is simply another functional interface in the same context." OMG someone please mod the above post down. It is incredibly simple using Joomla and AJAX, just a matter of calling format=raw or format=json. The above post shows he probably tried his hand at Joomla without learning to use the framework, or messed with it back in 2007. Informative my ass... more like the mods are just as clueless as the author and thought his long winded rant was correct without even researching for themselves.

Comment Re:Parental Guidance is a must. (Score 1) 687

wowo welcome to 2012 where the new 12 is 6... I told the "young man" that this was not a toy, hence the long lecture... he is well rounded and has a good head on his shoulders, he has had the frickin laser for a few months now and I haven't even thought about it till now, much less heard of him blinding any pilots, drivers, kids or bunny rabbits... what I am concerned about is how many here are seeming to equate 12 with being a little child... where the hell are you guys from?

Comment Re:Parental Guidance is a must. (Score 2) 687

yeah 12, but really it's not about age, it's about guidance - I had slingshots, bow and arrows and (heaven forbid) a pocket knife - all before the age of 12, these things can maim or kill if used irresponsibly, yet I am still here (as are my friends). Hell a kid can pick up a rock and throw it at someone and 99% of the time do more damage than a laser... so what would you suggest, lock the kids up and only allow outside with "parental supervision"?

Comment Re:Frivolous (Score 1) 687

Pointing a video camera at someone doesn't have the potential to cause blindness. This is more like assault / firing something at someone, ie if you fire a slingshot at a person you are gonna get done for assault, get caught firing a gun at a plain and you are in big trouble. Same deal. The 52 year old douche that did this deserves everything he has coming, probably more.

Comment Parental Guidance is a must. (Score 3, Insightful) 687

My young Stepson got one of these (powerful green laser) and I was pretty much blown away at the power of it... I did see when he was unpacking it lots of warnings so I spent some time with him when he first tested it out. So we get outside at night and what is the first thing he tries to do, yep point it a plane flying overhead... so cue the huge boring lecture from me about the danger of these things and how if he gets caught pointing his laser at planes, or cars or people's eyes he will be sent to a boys home... well I think he got the point. The main thing is that kids need to understand the danger of these things and there is a responsibility for parents to keep up with the times and actually understand that "new toy"...

Another LulzSec Member Arrested 211

hypnosec writes "Raynaldo Rivera, aged 20, suspected member of LulzSec, has been arrested for his alleged role in the breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment last year. The first suspect, Cody Kretsinger, has already pleaded guilty and was indicted last September according to the FBI. Rivera, who also goes by names 'neuron,' 'royal,' and 'wildicv', surrendered to authorities and he has been charged with conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer. The LulzSec member may be facing 15 years in prison if convicted." On the member who pleaded guilty: "Kretsinger, who pleaded guilty to the same two charges now facing Rivera, is slated to be sentenced on October 25. A federal prosecutor said he would likely receive substantially less than the 15-year maximum prison term carried by those offenses."

Submission + - Patch Makes Certain Skin Cancers Disappear (singularityhub.com)

kkleiner writes: "What if treating skin cancer was just a matter of wearing a patch for a few hours? At this year’s Society of Nuclear Medicine’s Annual Meeting one group of researchers presented such a patch. The patch is infused with phosphorus-32, a radioactive isotope used to treat some types of cancer. In a study of 10 patients with basal cell carcinoma located on their faces, the patch was applied for three hours, then for another three hours four and seven days later. Six months after treatment, 8 of the patients were cancer free."

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