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Comment Re:So much disinformation (Score 3, Insightful) 32

According to this fascinating PDF, kat is very much on the radar, along with Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, Btjunkie, torrentz, Rutracker, zamunda, warez-bb and others, including, of course, Demonoid. I don't doubt that it's someone's job to scour the net for this stuff of course... but I do doubt that they get many scoops here at /.

Comment Re:And in countries where it's legal? (Score 4, Insightful) 498

The penal system is not suitable turf for free-market competition. The market forces push in the direction of maximizing the numbers of incarcerated through lobbying for "tougher" laws with mandatory minimum sentences, and prison conditions that maximize recidivism. Pushing back in the other direction are compassion, basic human decency, and the 8th amendment -- all of which will cut into profits, so anyone who runs a prison decently will be underbid by the more ruthless. And when they cut corners and people suffer and die, heck, that's prison life, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Comment Re:And in countries where it's legal? (Score 5, Insightful) 498

Futilely attempt to ban all drugs for everyone while wasting countless amounts of taxpayer dollars in the process!

Oh, those dollars aren't being wasted... they're being very meticulously transferred by the dumpsterfull into the private prison and homeland security industries.

Comment Re:Epic fail (Score 1) 162

I hate being called a consumer. The article is about modern day debt-serfs anyway, not consumers. I want to be a citizen, you know, with like rights and stuff.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau deals with consumer financial services, as opposed to services aimed at, say, governments or corporations. Whether or not you're a citizen isn't their concern. Their mission is to protect the end-users of consumer credit from pervasive illegal bullshit. If the word "consumer" offends you, eh, too bad.

complain and everyone on the net can hear about it, but all of your personal data will be on a torrent site within hours, so you better not complain in public after all, serf.

Oh for the love of ... nevermind ...

Comment Re:Heil (Score 3, Insightful) 462

I quite agree. I don't think there's any inherent flaw in character of the German people. I find it a little queer that the question can even be asked with a straight face, much less answered affirmatively three-to-one.

Let me go way out on an idealistic limb here, though: I'd like to think that reflection on the horrors of the past can help lessen horrors of the present and future. Even if the conclusions reached by those reflecting are often little nonsensical. At any rate, it certainly better than whitewashing atrocities, or sweeping them under the rug.

Germans have been held to task for WWII's military aggression, xenophobia, and genocide. Other nations, even those with atrocities of similar scale (though talking about the "scale" of genocide seems petty), have not. There are still plenty of war-waging bullys in the world, but Germany's not among them. I'm not trying to say that Germany's all rainbows and butterflies, we know better -- plenty of racial problems, etc. But the general disinclination towards war and violence is real, and if it takes a guilt complex, so be it.

(Oh, and I can second the recommendation for Die Welle!)

Comment Re:Heil (Score 2) 462

I visited the Holocaust Museum in Berlin about 5 years ago. This is a fascinating place, and even though some bits seemed a little silly to me (some weird "what is a Jew?" infographics that looked like they'd be more at home in an intergalactic zoo), I'd recommend a visit.

The vast majority of those in attendance were German. There were about a half-dozen little interactive polling kiosks scattered around, and the one that struck me most asked "Do you believe that the Holocaust was a result of an inherent character flaw in the German people?" It was tallying at around 75% Ja, 25% Nein.

So yeah, I believe what you say about an enormous guilt complex. But IMO it's better than constant denial, excuses, and back-blaming -- that's what most prevalent in other nations, including my own, when their various collusions and atrocities are discussed.

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