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Comment Re:It's all in what you eat (Score 1) 865

Parent is 100% spot on right. Let me tell you about my situation. I had been steadily gaining weight since 1994. Started around 190 and ended up at 280 before I'd finally had enough. Switched to low carb (atkins specifically) and started working out a few times a week. I've lost 60+ pounds since Sep. 08 and kept it off. I went from 44" waist to 38" in that time. My health has improved drastically and overall I feel great.

Cut out the sodas... if you have to drink something besides water, try crystal light or wylers light. Or if you must have the carbonation, try Coke Zero or Sprite Zero. Give low carb/ high protein a try and don't believe all those BS stories about it ruining you kidneys or stuff like that.

Get the atkins book and the atkins cookbooks. There are tons of them around and people are selling them dirt cheap on Amazon now that the low carb "fad" is over...

There's a lot of resources online. One I like to go to is The lady has a ton of really really good recipes.

Comment Re:pirate repellents (Score 1) 830

As a former marine, I can tell you this.... Marines will sleep anywhere. I used to catch a lot of shuteye under/inside a turning CH-53e while waiting for other birds to launch. A connex box would be a luxury. And as a matter of fact, we used them for shops (workspaces) a lot of times anyway. Easy to transport, they aren't too heavy to offload via 53e/ch46, pretty roomy inside and protected from the elements. As far as food goes, MRE's are delicious and nutritious. I friggin love 'em. Even as a civilian I "procure" them whenever I can for camping and survival rats. Problem solved.
The Courts

Submission + - Trial Over for The Pirate Bay (

DaemonDownTheHall writes: The Pirate Bay reports that their ongoing trial is going on no more:

Today was the last day of the (first?) trial against The Pirate Bay. [...] Yesterday the prosecution plead for banning the essence of the internets, the links. Today the defence responded claiming that services of this kind never can be illegal. The sentence will not be presented until the 17th of April.

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Netbooks are more vulnerable to hackers (

Bl4ckJ3sus writes: News site Redorbit reports that netbooks are more vulnerable to attacks from hackers due to their lax security. Redorbit interviewed a "marketing manager" at Symantec for his views on netbook security. They also interviewed several other people about the state of netbook security and why "it's not there yet." Nowhere in the article is the mention of which OS makes these netbooks more susceptible to hacking.

Submission + - Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support (

mytrip writes: In early 2006, several months after it launched the Xbox 360, Microsoft ceased manufacturing the original Xbox. Today, the company pulled the plug on its first console entirely. The company has officially ended out-of-warranty support for the original Xbox, some eight and a half years after Bill Gates handed out the first device.

"On March 2, 2009, service repairs for Original Xbox video game systems for which the Warranty has expired will no longer be available," reads Microsoft's official support site. "Any other technical support, documents, and content, however, will continue to be available to all our customers. Although Microsoft is ending repair services for the Original Xbox, an upgrade program and support will be maintained for Original Xbox consoles that are still under Warranty."


Submission + - EFF launches 'Surveillance Self-Defense' project

netbuzz writes: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation today launched its "Surveillance Self-Defense" site, which is designed to provide Americans with practical advice on how to keep their government from snooping into their private communications and stored computer data. "Despite a long and troubling history in this country of the government abusing its surveillance powers, most Americans know very little about how the law protects them or about how they can take steps to protect themselves against government surveillance," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "The Surveillance Self-Defense project offers citizens a legal and technical toolkit with tips on how to defend themselves in case the government attempts to search, seize, subpoena or spy on their most private data.""

Submission + - Xfce Releases 4.6.0

An anonymous reader writes: A little more then 2 years after the previous major release of Xfce, Version 4.4, the xfce development team has finally released Xfce 4.6. This release comes with a new DBUS based configuration backend, called xfconf. A new fd.o compliant menu implementation and rubberband selection on the desktop. For a good overview of the changes, take a look at the Tour. They have finally removed their crappy menu-editor with this release... unfortunately, they forgot to replace it with a working one. Besides this, it is a great release which is really polished. Xfce is really taking it's place as the third Desktop Environment next to Gnome and KDE.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - RE5 Director Discusses Racism Charges In depth (

KyleOrl writes: "Since the release of a now-infamous trailer back in July of 2007, Resident Evil 5 has been hounded by allegations that its white-guys-shooting-black-zombies-in-Africa premise is overtly or subconsciously racist. In a recent interview with Crispy Gamer, RE5 director Jun Takeuchi addressed these allegations directly, saying in part that the images of impoverished blacks being gunned down are just a natural result of the game's setting and story. "I think if the game had taken place in America, we would also do our best to recreate what we would really see in America. The zombies there would be wearing shirts like yours, and they would be representative of people who live in America," he said. "I think that people who've played the full game and can see everything in its context can see that there's no political message that we're trying to put into the game." Will this finally quiet the controversy, or just add more fuel to the fire?"

Submission + - Bariatric surgery may completely resolve type 2 di ( 1

mmmscience writes: Big news in the world of diabetes: A major study reported this morning states that bariatric surgery can have an immediate, lasting, and highly beneficial impact on those with diabetes. In fact, the surgery improved or completely eliminated the disease in well over half of the patients studied.

Submission + - Blades of Exile (Fantasy RPG) Source Code Released

spidweb writes: "Spiderweb Software has released the source code to its fairly successful fantasy RPG from the previous century, Blades of Exile. Blades of Exile is a powerful adventure creation kit. The game came with three full length scenarios, and many more were developed with its editor. (The editor source code is also available.) Aspiring game developers who want a framework for their own titles or who want to see how a profitable game can be put together on a low budget might be interested. The code and data files can be downloaded at .html"

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