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Comment Cameras: A Waste of Money... (Score 2) 340

You could setup some nice wildlife cameras, but the police aren't going to do anything about dumpers. Even if you have clear photos of their vehicle, license plate, their faces, and them in the process of dumping. Best that you just put a gate up... or better yet, bury some 2x4s in the trail with screws sticking up out of them. If you have the time, and the dumping occurs frequently enough, maybe sit up one evening with your pump shotgun.

Comment Frappé (Score 1) 584

I have a frappé machine, which is basically just a glorified coffee pot atop a blender. It makes coffee, drips it into the blender, then mixes it all up with ice, soy milk, and whatever flavors I want. I don't partake in a cup of it every morning like most people seem to with their coffee. It's there for taste, not for "energy". Actually, I usually like to enjoy one later in the evening once or twice a week. The things have way too many calories to drink too much more often.

Comment Re:The questions developers ask (Score 1) 249

Killing Floor.
It seems to sell pretty well on Steam, allows for modding itself, and is still receiving new paid DLC to boot.

Besides, the goal isn't necessarily to spin off a successful game out of a mod. Allowing for mods gives you a talent pool to pull from as well. You have fans that are dedicated to learning your tools and creating tangible examples of their work with it. Plus, your game will stay fresh and in the public space for longer as more content is freely added to it through no effort of your own. The tools are already there, you just have to release them.

I know it's hard for console users to understand. Or maybe it's not, maybe they're just mad at having been tricked into such locked-down systems. :P

Comment Re:Does this also include (Score 1) 295

Sometimes payments bounce several days later, usually because of a stolen or maxed-out credit card.

That would be an unfulfilled payment, would it not? As I understand, eBay and PayPal hold all payments for a while to make sure that they do clear.

I've had buyers claim non-receipt even though I have a tracking number showing they received it.

Send it in a way that requires a signature, not just a tracking code.

I've had buyers claim the item was smashed in transit.

Pack your items better.

Seriously, these things are on the seller. Of course there are people out there that are going to try to scam you. They can be buyers, and they can certainly be sellers too. Maybe you just have had a few bad experiences, but to me you sound like one of the many sellers who simply do not care to do business in an acceptable way. Sellers blackmailing buyers with negative feedback was unacceptable and out of control. It was fixed. Your problem certainly exists, but it doesn't matter as much in the grand scheme of things. People will continue selling items regardless of policy. It's the buyers that you don't want to turn away.

Comment Kucinich was Scammed (Score 1) 543

Kucinich is a very liberal Democrat who's leaving Congress this January after being defeated in a primary election by a more moderate colleague.

Clarification. The Republican's pushed hard to have districts restructured. In the process they conveniently killed off Kucinich's district. What remained was absorbed into a bordering district, held by longtime incumbent Marcy Kaptur... a much more moderate Democrat.

Kucinich had faithfully served his district for almost a decade. He didn't lose by anything I would call a democratic process. He was thrown to the wolves by a system out to get people just like him. I realize most people at the national level see him as a "joke candidate" due to some bogus questions asked of him during his presidential campaign. Those of us in Ohio however know that he has a lot of great ideas, and certainly stands out amongst most of his peers in that regard.

Comment Re:Does this also include (Score 1) 295

Frankly, the the buy doesn't have as much to hold up in terms of experience. Once you've paid, your end is fullfilled and the seller should leave positive feedback. Unfortunately, far too many eBay sellers are scam artists. Anyone with thousands of sales under their belt and a constant inventory is probably not worth dealing with in my experience.

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