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Comment Re: Prices are too high (Score 1) 219

The GT 240 was a peach. 80% of the performance of the 250 for something like 50% of the power consumption. A C2D is still a surprisingly peppy machine, I have one here at 1.86 GHz and with 4GB which I so far haven't been able to part with. Cute little Lenovo ThinkCentre. I paid $50 for it with a 2TB disk.

Comment Re:Builders vs Buyers (Score 1) 219

The had iCore 7s for $300.

If I actually intended to do gaming, I'd have got the i7. The i5 is mostly fine now, but the i7 would last longer. In AMD-land I have tended to skimp on CPU, because I knew I'd be able to get another one cheaply later and slap it into the same socket, but since they've finally switched sockets I wouldn't do that there either.

Comment Re:longer lifetime (Score 1) 219

I would say that most things that a PC needs to do can be done quite nicely with a dual core CPU..

The average user who does anything more complicated than email and youtube will see benefits up to about four cores, even for light gaming because the OS keeps chugging along and doing things in the background whether you like it or not, and because multithreading is now common — but only three or four threads. However, having more threads is now not wholly uncommon either, thanks to the dominant game consoles going to more cores.

Comment Re:longer lifetime (Score 1) 219

The graphics card (GTX460) is its weakest point by far, once I upgraded to an SSD.

Yep, that's probably enough CPU to keep a 970 or even 980 busy. I have a FX-8350 with dual 950 OCs (Zotac AMP!) in SLI (one was a warranty replacement for a 750 Ti, WTG Zotac) which is about equivalent to a 970, and I still seem to be GPU-limited.

Comment Re:And Amazon gets to drop in on everyone (Score 2) 143

IF I was planning something it's not that hard to go off grid. You'd think users of Slashdot would know how to setup a VPS in a foreign country accessed only through TOR.

So you're a user who normally engages in a lot of easily-sniffable communications, then suddenly you start using a VPN and traffic analysis shows that you're not visiting any of your usual haunts. You don't think that's going to look suspicious?

Comment Re:Curiously... (Score 1) 643

...none of them had an agenda to support Trump.

Supporting Trump is obvious, attacking his opponents is almost as obvious, supporting his opponents in ways that make them look like assholes is far less obvious.

The notion that they put $80k into this just suggests how little they expected of it.

It shows just how fucked America is right now economically that a mere $80k will buy you that much agitation.

Comment Re: The x86 PC and security. (Score 1) 219

Windows 98 was not appreciably more stable than Windows 95. I bluescreened it plenty. Windows 2000 is dramatically more stable than Windows 9x or NT4, which let's face it was a bit of a crapfest. 3.51 was much much better than 4 in terms of reliability, though I will concede that its 2GB filesystem limit meant that there was really no choice but to upgrade.

Comment Re: The x86 PC and security. (Score 1) 219

"Then came the Win95 era", and the Pentiums, and id Software, and 3DFX, and Sound Blaster.
And then it was all about what could run Windows the fastest.

I'd suggest that the watershed moment wasn't actually until Windows 2000 in the enterprise, or Windows XP on the consumer desktop. Before that, it still seemed like there was a point to [classic] MacOS, for example, and the Unix workstations were still more powerful than a PC.

Comment Re:wtf? (Score 1) 355

These people apparently only considered the possibility that large people would be discriminated against. It never occurred to their prejudiced little minds that some people are interested in seeking bigger people to date.

They know damned well that some people are interested in that. However, the feature is way more likely to be used first to exclude fat people, second to find fat people to fetishize and treat like a fat fuck doll, and only third because someone just happens to prefer fat people.

However, it's also a truth in advertising feature, and if nobody is forcing you to accurately select your body type, no one is being harmed against their will. So waaaaah. Which, frankly, is how most of these discussions should go.

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