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Comment Re:Blanks Netflix for a userbase edge case (Score 1) 266

I would like to point out that a significant subset of /. readers DO expect the headline to explain everything so that reading the article becomes unnecessary.

So the 140 character generation is becoming the (what?) 80 character generation?

In the words of a now (in)famous former, #Sad
[ And the irony of this quip is not lost on me. ]

Comment Subrogation (Score 3, Insightful) 160

A lot of people posting here need to look up Subrogation and learn something about what State Farm is doing.

They paid out and are now looking to recover their payment, this is something they are allowed to do and is normal under the law.

The policy holder is part of the suit because your insurance company requires it. If you have insurance and it pays you on a claim, you are agreeing to help sue anyone they want to go after to recover the money.

Comment Re:What genius!! (Score 2) 134

No, it's not quite the same thing, although the concepts are related. In this case, reconstructing your signal is still limited by the Nyqvist frequency of course, but your ability to reconstruct across the ADC reset discontinuities also requires that the amplitude doesn't change so fast that you get more than one wrap per sample period.

I suspect it actually is the Nyqvist limit, but applied in this weird phase, er, amplitude unwrapping situation.

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