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Comment what part of (Score 1) 884

"That ship done sailed" does the GOP not get? Once it goes to YouTube, suppressing it is kind of pointless regardless of the law. Then, there's the Streisand Effect where an attempt to suppress a story puts spreads it massively. Perhaps someone could explain this to them using short words and simple sentences. Also, someone should explain :"going viral". Is the YouTube copy the only one they've got?

Also, lots of foreign jurisdictions where US law doesn't apply.

Comment mod parent flamebait (Score 1) 1251

You're too stupid to be worth my time to "debate" with. You would be better off doing some more Bible-thumping using your head as the object to be thumped in any case. The peer review process is specifically intended to prevent wasting time of the scientific community on whatever it is you think "real science" is.

Comment it's only a matter of time if this passes (Score 1) 1251

before the accreditation of TX colleges and universities gets removed. This is essentially a way for the creationist whackos to impose their religious beliefs on the content of science programs. TX students in biological science programs probably should look for ways to transfer to out of state schools. How long will it be before similar legislation gets passed to protect the "rights" of flat-earthers? Or the rights of racial or anti-gay bigots? I don't know, but it looks like buying a college education in TX is going to become a complete waste of money Real Soon Now.

Note that there is nothing in the law prohibiting employer discrimination against people who believe in creationism in the place of science. Nor is there going to be, because employers in biological science related areas required to hire religious crazies with "science" degrees will simply move their R&D operations to Blue states.

Comment Ubuntu is essentially Debian Unstable (Sid) (Score 1) 354

with bug fixes by Ubuntu devs (which get backported to Debian), some cooler packaging, and a better driver selection. I thought everyone in the Linux scene who's been around for any significant length of time knew this.. For more details, read Ubuntu is based on Debian unstable.

I would say that Debian has a certain importance to the Ubuntu community, given that if Debian disappeared, the Ubuntu community would have to whip up all these cool new packages from scratch rather than fixing what's broken from unstable and adding non-free drivers and cool packaging. If Debian disappeared from the face of the earth today, Natty might come out on time... but with luck, its successor might come out in 2 or 3 years. Or maybe Canonical goes bankrupt and it never comes out at all.

I switched from Debian Lenny because of the better driver (as in non-free) selection in Ubuntu, I had to get my new motherboard running immediately.

I think Ubuntu (I use Kubuntu Meerkat) is a better desktop distro, it was intended for ease of use, which is important for most people who make a living with computers in an office environment and pretty much succeeds. If I were going to run a server, I'd put Debian Stable or Testing on it.

Comment well said (Score 2) 413

If you own a digital camera with video capability (how many don't?), the H.264 codec owners are not your friends. What's funny is that a lot of prosumer and low-end commercial cameras have this built in, meaning if you use the cameras for their announced purpose, you just might have a confrontation with the MPEG-LA people in your future. So transcode (Web-M, I suppose) before distributing. IMO, we as consumers are best off if H.264 dies and this time around, Google's efforts deserve our support.

Comment am I the only person here who uses (Score 1) 332

a full-size multimedia keyboard (including numeric keypad) on the desktop?

I find it less stressful than either a standard keyboard or a virtual keyboard on a tablet. As for text messaging, my blackberry has a physical keyboard, but I'd rather send text messages via a real computer (my Kubuntu OS ASUS S101 netbook will do) via gateway.

Comment I wonder if Garfinkel (Score 1) 314

is one of Facebook's current investors. That said, I have absolutely no trouble with the concept of trusting Facebook with Simson Garfinkel's personal information. Starting with his bank account ID info. Facebook's record with respect to user info and user privacy speaks for itself.

Comment a good case for (Score 1) 438

installing remote control software that hooks up to your desktop on anything mobile you need to access confidential information with.

This has been true with respect to anything you carry across an international border with you for years. This is why "best practices" for confidential information means do not keep it on your mobile device, don't keep anything more controversial than your books and multimedia content on one.

Comment for me, this would be (Score 1) 498

files from 1991. The main file tree living in /home/win is the one I started on my first DOS machine and has been transferred to Win3.1, W98, Fedora Core, Debian, Kubuntu. Somehow, it's grown in that time from 20 megs to 200G.

I've had 2 drive crashes in that time, the first bare-metal restore was a restore from tape which blew up the first time because the Sony Superstation Windows software would not read the whole file and they no longer supported it... customer service said go to the vendor they originally bought it from and d/l a trial version. The second crash was on Debian, I simply plugged in the backup hard drive and was getting an RMA from Maxtor tech support within 10 minutes.

As for reading 1990s files, all I had to do was figure out how to use the CLI LZH format archive program jhla-utils to decompress the files. Anything I've got from then that's still usable is text files or lotus 123 (clone) spreadsheets I can open from OpenOffice Calc.

Comment so what do they have to blow sh*t up with? (Score 1) 608

Wikipedia says that their only successful nuclear test had a yield estimated 2.4 - 20 kT, with consensus pointing at the low end of the range. Their missile delivery systems are of questionable accuracy. How efficient is the industrial production they'd need to build significant numbers of their bombs and missiles?

Looks like they've got just enough power to kill a bunch of people in a city or two or to slow down an armored division IF the missiles land anywhere around the target.

Comment not all POWs are in perfect shape on (Score 2) 142

capture. Some of them have exactly the same kind of trauma US troops have when captured, with the main difference being whose taxpayers paid for the ammo that blew holes in them. These skills will be used to save the lives of POWs, too.

And maybe even your life, lots of military medical personnel stay in medicine when they become civilians.

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