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Gadget Tracks Brainwaves As You Watch TV 49

Taking a cue from A Clockwork Orange, San Francisco neuromarketing firm EmSense has launched what it says is "the first ever scalable, non-invasive psychological and brainwave measurement technology — made specifically for market research." The EmBand measures your brain activity, your emotional responses, and your level of engagement in what you are watching on TV. The collected data is then sold to marketers who can come up with more interesting ads to be skipped over with your DVR.

Submission + - How do I scan the inside of our planet? (

agus223 writes: "Earth consists of materials that have certain physical characteristics, as well as the nature of electrical conductivity, density, magnetism, gravity. By utilizing the properties of physics, we can predict subsurface conditions."

Submission + - Lack of Libya viloence evidence. 1

An anonymous reader writes: I've been scouring the internet for evidence of the many massacres being reported by every mainstream news outlet in the world but can find NO VIDEO EVIDENCE OF MULTIPLE MURDERS IN LIBYA. It seems every news organisation is doing a snow job on Kadaffay. Maybe somebody can find some video evidence of this somewhere on the internet. I can't.

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