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Comment Reality in the world (Score 0) 529

What use is a above-average brain if the person lacks the social skills to apply their intelligence? No, they are not single-handedly going to invent the cure for cancer.

On the other hand, the NFL star leads by example, unites us in support for our team and might very well have a much larger beneficial effect on society than the nerd in the back of the class room could hope to have.

Of course, this idea, that intelligence is not as important as some might want it to be, might be lost on a forum that ironically calls itself 'news for nerds, stuff that matters'.

Comment Re:Give Us Opportunity, Not More Mouths to Feed (Score 1) 398

Please, do tell us how the region of Detroit is going to attract money, thereby lifting the longterm level of wealth, when your plan is to just poor some money into it for a couple of year. Detroit got poor because they were no longer attracting money via the car industry. Tell us how your plan deals with the source of the problems, not the symptoms of their results.

Comment Re:Just have to ask... (Score 2) 1034

He *chooses* to integrate a camera with his glasses. There's a number of things I can imagine integrating with my glasses that would make wearing them problematic where simple glasses would be just fine. And how about he wore them in the swimming pool changing rooms during your sister's daughter's birthday party...?

Comment Just have to ask... (Score -1, Troll) 1034

What the fuck were you thinking going into a movie theater wearing your Google Glass in this time and age. I think you desperately hoped this would happen, probably tried a few other theaters that wouldn't bite first. And finally, you found one that did, giving you a nice story to cry about on all the digital forums. Congratulations, dude, you got your 15 minutes.

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