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Microsoft Scraps 'Where's My Phone Update?' Site 162

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft disappointed some Windows Phone users on Friday by saying it would stop providing specifics about who will get software updates and when, and announcing vaguely that a new update is 'available to all carriers that request it.' The update fixes a few issues, including one that caused the on-screen keyboard to disappear and another that caused problems with synching Gmail. Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering for Windows Phone, said Microsoft will no longer say when people will get updates based on their country, phone model and carrier."

Comment Siri,Are you kidding me? Android Rules! (Score 2) 402

Android,i.e. Google has long had this feature and even now has the worlds best speech recognition person working for them.The list is pretty good of software out there for speech recognition for Android.There is Vlingo (my favorite) , Pro,FlexT9,ChaCha,Voice Actions,Assistant and much more.We did it first and will continue to do it best Just like Microsoft Apple buys up other companies and uses there technology instead of there own and says,hey look at us,we are cool,(Not) ! Just saying!

Comment Re:Can it be disabled? (Score 1) 280

From personal experience I can tell you that setting in my HHR all of a sudden my door locks started opening and closing by themselves.Someone with there fob had operated my car and I had to get the dealership to come out and get the car to unlock it because the car would not release the stick to engage the car.Cars are simply NOT secure.

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