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Comment Re:Kind of disappointed in him. (Score 2) 681

In answer to answer your question, "What did Jesus give us other than death and intolerance".

Please follow along: Jesus founded His Church. His Church founded centers of study and learning, and institutionalized these as colleges and universities. Among these were the colleges merged to form Trinity College where Newton studied.


Comment Re:Yo, its 2014! (Score 1) 291

There is only one 10 year span with relevance to the context of this post: the 10 year span that ends now. Historians would care what the highest paid programming job is in 1978, or 2011. People planning a programming career, or evaluating opportunities TODAY won't care. Reading comprehension is hard, but contextual analysis is harder.

Comment Yo, its 2014! (Score 1) 291

The internet boom, THE dot-com boom 'n' crash, 9/11 (2001!) and birth of DHS all predated (2014 - 10). Math (or history) is hard. Ruby On Rails originated in 2003. The crash of the global economy followed.

Submission + - Former Assistant Secretary of Energy to Obama says: Climate Science is not settl (wsj.com)

Zecheus writes: Steven E. Koonin in an article published this weekend of the People's Climate March summarizes the "very, very difficult" problem for the climate science research community. There are hard questions, and the climate models today are not dependable. He warns against declaring climate science as either 'settled' or a 'hoax', because neither declarations advance the public discourse of politicians or diplomats who are developing the policies of environmental management.

Submission + - How far will YOU go for highest speed Internet (wsj.com)

Zecheus writes: This community is extraordinarily rural. It is considered among the northernmost in the world. In the summer, temperature rises as high as 40F. There are more polar bears than humans. Even the usual ubiquitous and generous Norwegian health care is out of reach: inhabitants leave for the south to give birth or to die. On the other hand, it enjoys the highest quality Internet experience in the world due to recently installed fiber. Care to give it a try? By the way, the area has a turnover rate of over 25% every year.

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