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Comment Re:In words: ONE missile. (Score 1) 636

That's one 'friggin' rocket controlled by a whack job.

By the way, I read all over the news that NK can't hit the US - while Alaska is within striking distance. Still goes to show that Alaska isn't considered a part of the US. NK could strike the Aleutians before an interceptor could intervene.

Comment Re:Peer review...... (Score 3, Insightful) 92

Ravers require a catalyst to lower the activation energy. Many effective catalysts are known to exist, but pure ones are desired to eliminate undesired results. So, ravers + activation energy (complex audio range frequencies in the presence of various light sources), begin to exhibit unexplainable quantum effects. These quantum effects vary significantly within the sample. Although some elements may seem to have the required energy and orientation to effectively bond, particle proximity seems sufficient enough to observe results such as random and vivid kaleidoscoping fractal patterns. This results in other molecules, not necessarily in direct contact, adopting similar properties which either homogenize or further break apart to reveal quarks that allow even more complex reactions to occur. Periodically, the wrong combination of reaction mechanisms can result in short-term irreversible immediate and direct return to the pre-catalyzing state.

Peer reviews of such reactions are difficult because no experiment has been shown to be repeatable - the results, although similar, are never the same.

However, it must be noted that certain mixtures of catalysts have demonstrated long term and sometimes irreversible excitation - even when removed from the reaction vessel and isolated in a clinical setting.

Including the reactions mentioned in my earlier post, raver reactions appear to have the least destructive effect on the environment. In correlation to theories of the origins of the universe the big bang theory has greater merit. However, unraveling raver reactions seems to support the possibility of the steady state theory being a premonition of what may soon develop. Politicians and judges have fought hard to control access to the required catalysts to prove such a possibility, and many research proposals are continually denied for illusory reasons. Perhaps they are right in their motives because if you are trying to qualify and quantify raver reactions, you are totally missing the point! Raver reactions exist of their own accord toward the extent of a continual BIG BANG; where no politicians or judges could exist.

Comment Peer review...... (Score 5, Funny) 92

How music fans act as molecules.

Headbangers + applied energy (awesome riffs & volume) fill a volume as individual particles, do not form products, expand the volume of their "container" as pressure increases and dissipate when applied energy source is removed.

Country line dancers (extremely soluble in ethanol) + applied energy (twangy vocals and guitars + ethanol) enter solution as a binary compound, form complex molecules and then dissipate as binary compounds (not necessarily with the original conjugate species). However, once the molarity of ethanol diminishes, these binary compounds dissolve and seek higher concentrations of ethanol often showing an affinity for elements with a higher electronegativity (redneck factor). It must be noted that country line dancers become highly volatile for no known reason(s) regardless of the concentration of the ethanol solution.

If you argue with me, how about we turn this into a peer reviewed article right here on slashdot!

Comment Re:Livescribe (Score 1) 364

Livesribe is cool, just make sure your professor doesn't ban recording devices.

My favorite feature is being able to play back what I was writing while listening to a lecture. This reignites the creativity I had in class and gives me pause to pose questions.

However, don't rely on it alone. Have a scanner on hand also, not everything will get posted online. Just be sure to keep all your material for each class, chapter or section in a convenient location so study time will be easier. If your school uses a blackboard system, it will go offline when you need it most, so keep your stuff local.

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