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Comment Re:What they *should* do is enable PIN-priority (Score 1) 170

As long as you're not trying to use Amex just pay as normal. Merchants can cope.

I happen to be a merchant to. Amex is a pain in the arse. Higher fees. Not supported in many POS devices. So yes. Avoid Amex.

General rule of travel - Vendors will not let language or technology get in the way of a financial transaction. They will work it out.

Comment Re:No shit (Score 1) 160

But when it's your side doing it, it's A-okay, right?

My "side" is truth and reason. I don't know what side you think I am on, but I don't appreciate anyone trying to manipulate me.

I see a ton of it from BOTH sides, but only one side gets villified by the press and slashdot. Wonder why that is . . . .

You are apparently talking about American politics, ever bother to actually check if one side is more truthful than the other? I did and it's why I am no longer a conservative.

Comment Re:No shit (Score 0, Redundant) 160

This isn't a "PR war". It's a disclosure. It's cluing the rubes into what the implications of all of this are. A lot of them don't get it. They aren't informed enough to consent to the anal cavity search you seem so fond of.

No, it's not. It's just unethical propagandists engaged in scaremongering to try and trick people into voting for Republicans.

It's the same scaremongering editing they used in their previous videos where they take things out of context and play scary music to make it seem sinister.

Of course, if you believe them the last tie they tricked you, you'll probably believe them this time too.

Comment Re:Slanted story (Score 1) 393

I thought that conservative politics meant people who wanted less government regulation, less taxes, a smaller deficit, and more personal liberties.

Ha. Only if you're not paying attention to what conservatives (in America) do. It's actually all about beating liberals, regardless of principles, values or ethics. Winning is the only thing that matters to America's modern conservatives, just look to the President for the ultimate example of just how far America's conservatives have fallen.

Comment Re:What they *should* do is enable PIN-priority (Score 1) 170

Europe has this right: Any in-person transaction requires you to enter your chosen PIN.

How can I use an American credit card in Europe?

Apple pay, Google Pay, Android Pay or some other semi proprietary payment conduit seems to work in some places. Hotels will accept everything. For everything else, carry cash.

Comment Re:What did you THINK would happen? (Score 2) 420

My observation of two people I know who became police officers is that the job and their colleagues changed them from nice people into utter bastards who prejudge everyone.

1% is bullshit. There might be 1% who maintain a reasonable outlook and don't prejudge people and situations. But the rest do not. They didn't get into the police by getting straight As.

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